Most Common Male Fertility Myths

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When it comes to a male’s fertility, a plethora of myths are thrown around. Where a male is concerned, people often tend to think that men are practically immune to infertility; which is far from the truth. Here’s a list of fertility myths you should stop believing Myth 1: Women are the only one to […]

Most Common Female Fertility Myths

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Women often steer themselves clear of learning about any sort of information on how procreation actually works; for the sole fear of what they might find out. This fear stems from a fact that they might be infertile. Before jumping the gun, it is wise to bring a few possibilities into consideration. Myths, in this […]

Does exercising affect fertility?

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Exercise Boosts Fertility

In obesity or women who are overweight suffering from PCOS regular exercise can improve the frequency of ovulation leading to regular menstrual cycles. … Obesity in men can reduce sperm quality and fertility. Obesity or being overweight produces an adverse effect on the fertility of a woman. Women who are overweight and taking the fertility […]

Consumption of soda and infertility

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If you are trying to get pregnant, you should probably give up on sweetened drinks and sodas for sometime now. A brand new research from the Boston University of Public Health has found that besides causing several diseases like diabetes and obesity, soda affects your fertility too. The new research proves that drinking one or […]


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The method of cervical mucus can facilitate predicting when the person is likely to ovulate by tracking the amendments in the vaginal discharge (cervical mucus) during the entire period of the menstruation. The cervix produces mucus or vaginal discharge that is produced by the hormones that are controlling one’s period cycle. During this period or […]

Cancer and infertility prevention

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Cancer is one of the most serious and fatal diseases known to the world. Although with the advent of technological advancements, it is possible to treat cancer now, yet the impact it leaves on the entire body cannot be ignored. Often the impact seems to be more exhausting than cancer itself. Hence in case a […]

Am I in proper reproductive health?

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The question that bothers the most when one is trying to conceive and has failed in few attempts. Rising infertility due to work stress, improper food habits, the distance between partners and other such reasons are sure to make you question your own reproductive health. It is very important to take care and protect the […]

Age making a difference in Men fertility

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As we age, our bodily functions deteriorate; it is after all a human tendency. What also deteriorates is our sex drive. A man with age, experiences a fall in testosterone levels after 40 years of age and thus his desire for intercourse also diminishes. However, there are some cases wherein men still have the sex […]

Why is the Routine Assay Test Performed

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A routine Assay test is a test that is performed in order to evaluate the efficiency of metabolic processes and condition in the body. These metabolic processes give an indication of hormonal imbalances in the body. The Assay test may be performed in order to determine the levels of several hormones in the body such […]