Planning for infertility treatment at this time

This current trend of staying at home and working is going on and so I’m thinking of getting pregnant. Is it ok to plan for infertility treatment at this time, or do we have to wait till the pandemic is over?

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1 Year
drchandana replied
2 Years

 A woman needs to have enough time to herself for natural conception before planning fertility treatment. So, when you both are ready to step forward you need to consult the best gynecologist or IVF specialist and proceed further.

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Esha IVF always keeps in mind that "Parenthood is the utmost joyous blessing experienced by couples."

I wish you the success of your parenthood journey with IVF.

jhansi replied
2 Years

Dear Manasa,

With couples working from home in this current situation, I’m sure you get more time to spend with each other, but there is also the pressure of work. Like for most couples, initially the lockdown was a relief for us, but now we are already waiting to step out and travel. Being by yourselves at home, the craving for a child hits strongly.

If both of you feel ready to take on this new step, then speak to a trusted gynaec and a fertility specialist, and see what treatment options you need to opt for. It would be safer if you get vaccinated before starting the infertility treatment.

I wish you success and the joy of parenthood


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