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Last updated at: 22/03/2021 03:27 PM

Let's have a conversation about fertility

Young millennial couples, juggling their personal lives with work uncertainties, are also haunted by their inner anxieties. Especially those revolving around 'fertility'.

They have so many different friends' circles, but feel unsure about opening up with their true feelings. They also don't know who to turn to for correct advice and practical suggestions, while feeling secure and trusting the people they go to.

At Apollo Fertility, we decided to create that 'safe space', where people can finally open up, share, discuss and seek counsel from wise experts who reflect compassion and empathy. A space where they don't need to be embarrassed or feel judged by anyone.

As a mindful organisation and a leader in the field of infertility medicine, Apollo Fertility believes it is high time we accepted infertility as a challenge and not a stigma, while speaking more, sharing more and supporting more.