Detailed Experience

  1. KIMS hospital – Worked with kids with learning disability.
  2.  Abhaya hospital – Worked with general population facing depression, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, insomnia and schizophrenia
  3. Abhaya deaddiction centre – Worked with population addicted to tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
  4. Dream a Dream NGO – Has mentored vulnerable teenage girls from lower socio economic status by personally guiding them and conducting therapy.
  5. First Nanny – Worked as a clinical counsellor for population of pre natal, peri natal and post natal clients.
  6. Worked as a clinical counsellor at Cadabams group and Cadabams deaddiction centre – Worked with patients addicted to tobacco, drugs and alcohol.

Has worked with population having personality disorders, psychotic disorders and mood disorders like depression, schizophrenia, OCD, Anxiety attacks, panic disorders, incidence of seizure, borderline and antisocial personality among others.

Awards and Achievements

  1. Best Orator Prize awarded by Sri Kumaran’s School
  2. College Topper at Jyoti Nivas College.
  3. Extra Curricular scholarship from Christ University for maximum medals won by a single student.
  4. General Proficiency award for excellence in Academics from Jyoti Nivas College.
  5. Subject Proficiency award for highest marks in Psychology and Sociology from Jyoti Nivas College.
  6. Won the college elections and was elected as the college union member.
  7. National level second prize for best speech awarded by Geological Society of India.
  8. Presented papers in various national and international conferences.

Research and Publications

  • Master’s thesis on “Effect of Facebook on intimacy in family relationships”.

Professional Memberships

  • Presented a paper in International Conference on Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • Presented a paper in an interdisciplinary conference at Christ University “Mental Health and Well being in a Globalized World.
  • Presented a paper on health benefits of mindfulness exercise for Alzheimer’s patients in an intercollegiate conference at Kristu Jayanti College.

Special Interest

  • Positive Psychology, Meditation and Relaxation therapies.