Chief fertility specialist & Endoscopic surgeon. Dr, Neelam Bhise’s breakthrough work involves treatment for repeated IVF failures, due to thin endometrium. She has presented papers on Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) therapies with 90% success rate in cases with previous failed IVF cycles. She has to her credit, The First Elderly Women from Mauritius, who conceived at the age of 60, with PRP therapy, and delivered a healthy baby.

She is the recipient of many National and International Awards. She has treated many international patients from all over the world, esp. UK, Africa, Singapore, USA for their fertility issues and have got successful pregnancies.

Educational Qualification:

  • MBBS (October 2004) Shri Vasantrao Naik Government Medical College, Yavatmal. MUHS Nashik University.
  • MS (OGY&GYN) (June 2010) –T.N.M.C. & BYL NAIR hospital Mumbai.
  • FOGSI training course on Basic Ultrasound -December (2012)
  • Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology from National University Hospital, Singapore. (April 2017)

Treatment & Services Expertise:

  • Natural Methods – Ovulation induction, Follicular study, timed intercourse, HSG,
  • ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) – IUI, IVF, ICSI
  • Third Party Programs – Donor oocyte program, Donor semen insemination, surrogacy
  • Genetic Testing – Pre-pregnancy genetic evaluation, PGS, PGD
  • Hysteroscopy – Diagnostic/Polypectomy/Septal Resection/Myomectomy
  • Laparoscopy – Diagnostic/Ovarian drilling/Ovarian cystectomy/Tubectomy/Myomectomy/Hysterectomy

Trainings and conferences:

Dr Neelam Bhise has delivered many invited lectures at national conferences. She has also been an invited speaker on “Gonadotropins in IVF” ‘at YUVA ISAR 2016. She is also an invited speaker on “EMBRYO TRASFER TECHNIQUES” at FEMM 2017.

Awards and achievements:

  1. N.A.Purandare Award -Best Paper, MOGS Conference dated 13-02-2010 for “Intravaginal sling surgeries”
  2. Prize winner in Gynecological Oncology Quizes at MOGS and FOGSI Conferences in Mumbai, 2009.

Research and publications:

  1. Paper presentation on “Jaundice in Pregnancy” YUVA FOGSI, Nagpur 2009
  2. Case Presentation- “A rare case of Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumour ” (Bombay Hospital Journal)
  3. Case series report “Hepatobiliary disorders in Pregnancy maternal and neonatal outcome ” (Bombay Hospital Journal)
  4. Case report in “Perforating choriocarcinoma with implantation metastasis to retroperitoneum” (Bombay Hospital Journal)
  5. Case report “In utero distrotion of T shaped intrauterine device” in (Bombay Hospital Journal).
  6. She has been Editor & Co Author of book on “ Newer Drugs in OBS & GYN”

Professional Membership:

  • Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (MOGS)
  • The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Society. (FOGSI)
  • Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopist. (IAGE).
  • Association of Fellow Gynaecologists. (AFG)
  • Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR)