Semen Analysis

Overview of the procedure

Every couple wants to start a family; to begin this beautiful journey, it is crucial to have good health. Conceiving is not always an effortless process. Over 15% of couples are going through infertility issues. When it comes to infertility, we always feel women are responsible. But do you know that more than 20 to 30% of infertility is caused by men? Infertility can be caused due to multiple health conditions. The male partner's quality of sperm plays a major contribution in conceiving a baby. Therefore, to analyse the quality of sperm, semen analysis is performed. 

About the procedure

Semen analysis is recommended for couples experiencing difficulties in getting pregnant. Through this analysis report, the doctors evaluate the sperm count of your male partner. If you have a decreased sperm count, then it's your biggest concern. Semen analysis is referred to a sperm test that is required to analyse the health of sperm. Through semen analysis, 3 major elements are checked that define sperm health. This procedure is designed to improve sperm count, sperm motility & sperm morphology.

If you want to conceive naturally, you should have a healthy sperm count, which must be 15 to 200 million sperm. Healthy sperm mobility is also necessary. So, to conduct the overall process, the semen analysis checks the semen quality. To complete the procedure, a man has to produce a semen sample. You can bring more than one sample to the nearest fertility clinic. When you reach there, the lab specialist will ensure accurate results. Throughout the procedure, the size and shape of the sperm, the number of sperm and the ability of the sperm will be checked.

Who qualifies for the procedure?

Here is why you are the ideal candidate for this procedure:

  • Male infertility: If a couple is having difficulty trying to conceive due to semen abnormalities should go for this. 
  • Bad sexual intercourse: Are you frustrated by the worst sexual experience? If you have a low semen drive, then go for this.
  • Vasectomy follow-up: Through semen analysis, the doctors can determine whether a vasectomy was successful. 

Why the procedure is conducted?

Healthcare providers use research-based methods for analysing semen tests. The semen analysis is done to help a person diagnose fertility problems. The semen analysis is done for various medical reasons. Some couples are requesting this procedure when they have difficulties conceiving. The procedure is essential for diagnosing low sperm count, abnormalities in sperm size & shape or the poor mobility of sperm. Some men also used to perform this task to check whether a vasectomy was successful. This is a surgical procedure that medical experts carry out for permanent male sterilization.

Different Types 

There are multiple types of medical tests by which you can evaluate the quality of sperm. A fertility specialist addresses the cause of male fertility when you reach them with the problems like problems in conceiving. As per the doctors, having an optimised diet helps resolve the issues. But what if you don't get satisfactory results? In these cases, you must visit the fertility centre and discuss with the specialist. They will help you depending on your needs. In case of issues in your sperm count and sperm mobility, it is advised to consider fertility treatments like IVF and IUI. This is one of the best initiatives you can take if you have difficulties starting a family.


  • Investigating the reproductive health issues & male sexual.
  • A low-cost procedure 
  • Semen analysis helps men going through infertility problems
  • Improves your fertility 
  • Diagnose and improve the low-quality sperm mobility
  • Improve the volume of semen
  • Improve the white blood cells & liquefaction time.

To grab all the benefits discussed above and increase your pregnancy chances, you need to consult with fertility experts. Get proper guidance that you can receive from a fertility clinic like Apollo Fertility. You can Request an appointment at Apollo Fertility, Karapakkam, or Call 1860-500-4424 to book an appointment today.

Risks or Complications

  • Operator dependencies
  • Infection


Semen analysis is the method of determining or diagnosing male infertility. This is mostly recommended to couples when they are having problems during pregnancy. Sometimes, a couple cannot conceive due to low sperm count & sperm dysfunction. Therefore, with the collection and analysis of semen, you can diagnose various factors. The fertility experts near you will give you an appropriate solution.

1. Should I avoid ejaculation before analysis?

Yes, you should avoid ejaculation before 24 to 72 hours.

2. Can I consume alcohol?

Consumption of alcohol, cocaine, smoking, and marijuana should be stopped at least 5 days before the test.

3. Can I take other medicine?

No, any kind of hormonal medicines should be stopped before the test.

4. What does the test report show?

The report shows sperm count, sperm morphology, sperm motility, sperm volume, appearance, ph level, fructose level and all.

5. What is the normal sperm count in the human body?

The sperm count should be 15 million sperm to 200 million sperm per millilitre.

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