Preconception Checklist for Women

A “mother-to-be” is expected to make sure of some simple modifications that not only keeps you away from fertility problems but also makes you stay healthy and fit. The following are a few suggestions that could increase the chances of you becoming a father sooner.

  • Do you smoke? Studies have proven that smoking or other forms tobacco consumption has adverse effects on the ovulation. It is better to quit smoking or at least temporarily restrain.
  • Do you drink alcohol? Excess alcohol consumption could result in irregularities of the menstrual cycle. Limit yourself to no more than 175ml of alcohol per day.
    It is advisable to limit your caffeine intake to not more than 300 mg per day
  • Are you eating healthy food? Eat foods rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamins, etc. The daily intake of folic acid should be a minimum of 400 micrograms.
  • Do you maintain an ideal weight? Studies have shown that being overweight by 20 pounds could decrease the chances of becoming the father by 10%. So, it is advisable to start exercising and get rid of the extra pounds. At the same time, underweight women are at the risk of delivering low birth weight babies.
  • Did you fix an appointment for a doctor check-up? A preconception appointment with the doctor is a necessity. It gives the overall view of your medical history and if any of these factors could affect the fertility. Discuss how to chart your menstrual cycle. Get a complete physical examination done to rule out any infectious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, etc. Get a genetic counseling done.
  • Are you in stress? Stress could impair the normal balance of hormones in the body resulting infertility problems. Do not get yourself into stress. Be happy and enjoy every moment in life. Support and stay with your partner through the journey of becoming parents.
  • Are you taking any medicines? Tell your doctor if you are taking any medicines. Some over-the-counter drugs can cause birth defects in the babies.
  • Are you exposed to work hazards? Workplace problems such as x-rays, lead, cat feces may reduce the chances of becoming pregnant or maintain a healthy life during.

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