Your journey to becoming parents may be one that is associated with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will have some doubts and many questions. It is important to choose a fertility center that can assure you of the best outcomes as well as support you on this journey.

a. Check for certification

Ask if the treatment procedures are carried out in accordance with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

b. Check for success rate

Collect information about the outcomes at the Center. What is the live birth rate at the Center. How much success can you expect for the treatment of your situation?

c. Check for practice size

Every step of the IVF procedure is important. It decides the chances of you becoming pregnant. Look for a clinic that has a specialized team of Gynaecologist, Andrologist, Embryologist, Counsellors and a supportive team of dieticians, etc.

d. Check for technology

What is the technology that the center uses that will improve your success rate.

e. Check for personal attention

Though the treatment procedure is the same, the treatment needs and timings of each individual are different. The treatment needs to be adjusted to take that into consideration. When you go for the first consultation check if you feel comfortable to ask questions and if your personal situation is discussed in detail.

f. Check for other services offered

Most clinics do not have the complete lab facilities. Look for a clinic / hospital that has a wide range of services such as sperm and embryo freezing, donor programs, surrogacy programs in addition to IVF.

g. Check for accessibility

Look for a clinic / hospital having a full time IVF specialist so that your treatment can be undertaken at a time that is right for you.

h. Check for financial viability

IVF is an expensive treatment. But do not choose a clinic that offers the procedure at cheaper rates just on the basis of the costs. Because success rates are important. Having to repeat the treatment may eventually mean that you will have the same costs with the additional trauma of failed cycles.

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