Donor Program

The donor program is the right way to help people who can't use their sperm & egg to conceive due to clinical and personal reasons. Many couples wish to opt for the donor sperm & egg. The desired lady won't genetically connect with the child she expects because she uses someone's egg. But the father can connect with the child genetically if he can use his sperm to fertilise the egg. The males & females who want to be part of this program will be screened with various parameters. The expected donor has to undergo many medical tests and counselling. 

About the procedure of the program

In this program, the doctors follow a procedure where the eggs of a healthy donor will be fertilised using the donor's sperm. The process takes place in the sperm bank or laboratory, and the resultant embryos will be placed in the intended woman's womb for a certain period to achieve the pregnancy. At the same time, the couple needs to understand that the child they are expecting will be their biological child rather than the genetic one. It's a prerequisite program through which the couples & individuals undergo multiple sessions of counselling to make them ready for the treatment.

Who qualifies for the donor program?

Do you want to join this donor program? If yes, you should follow the below requirements:

  • The donor should be within the age group of 18 to 32
  • You shouldn't be a smoker & drinker
  • The donor should be healthy with a BMI of 19 to 30
  • There should be nothing wrong with the monthly menstrual period
  • No previous history of ovarian stimulation
  • The participant of this program should be healthy
  • No history of transmissible disease
  • You shouldn't belong to any family genetic disorder
  • Not taking any psychoactive drugs recently.
  • Should have time to attend the counselling & mentally ready

Why is the donor program conducted?

The program is conducted for ladies who are facing fertility-related issues. This program is designed for older women who want to conceive. This is also for younger women undergoing ovarian disease and insufficiency. The program benefits couples who have previous experience with IVF failures and have gone through cancer treatments. After the treatment of cancer, the ovaries won't function well in some cases, and at that time, you can get benefits from this program. Single parents or same-sex couples can join this program if they expect to give birth.

Different Types of donor programs:

Egg donation

The procedure is ideal for patients with multiple unsuccessful IVF experiences. This is also for women who want to conceive after 40. In addition, a woman with low-quality eggs or any ovarian disease can also benefit from this program. It is also effective for ladies going through genetic disorders and PCOS issues.

Sperm Donation

This is an option for couples with a problem with male infertility. This program benefits males with issues such as Ejaculation dysfunction, Obstructive Azoospermia & Non-obstructive Azoospermia.

Embryo Donation

This is the donation process where the embryo is created with the IVF procedure and then transferred to the woman's womb. This is an ideal program for couples with difficulties getting pregnant and having adverse medical genetic issues.

Benefits of participating in the donor program

  • Get free health testing, genetic screening and counselling being a donor
  • Being a receiver, you will be able to conceive a baby
  • As a donor, you will know that you are fertile and can have your kids
  • As a donor, you are helping people
  • Get huge compensation
  • You are gifting a baby to a family and bringing happiness to their life

Risk of participating in a donor program

Participating in the sperm, egg & embryo donation program is safe. But certain minor complications may affect you for a minimum period. Those risks are:

Weight gain

The egg donor participants may gain extra weight because of the medication, fluid retention and ovarian size.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

You might have to take high hormones to stimulate the ovaries and produce healthy eggs. In this case, you may feel cramps, fluid retention, swelling, etc.

Other temporary effects

Some other temporary effects are minor infections, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and premenstrual syndrome.

If you feel any minor or major changes in your body after the donation program, you can contact the doctor and get a consultation. For any concerns and queries regarding the program, you can reach out to Apollo Fertility. Book an appointment by making a Call at 1860-500-4424.

1. Why should you join this program?

This program helps couples with lots of difficulties become a parent of healthy kids. By joining this program, you can take a step forward to bring happiness to someone's life.

2. Can I donate sperm?

Yes, if you follow all the requirements of the donor, then you are eligible to join this program.

3. What is the age limit to be part of this program?

You should be in the age group of between 18 to 35 years old.

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