Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is the procedure that involves the collection of semen to donate it to the required couple. Semen is the fluid that is released during ejaculation. This process occurs for the couple who wants to conceive a baby but can't make it possible for certain reasons. 

About the Sperm Donation

This procedure is designed to assist the couple so that they can become a parent by using this effective procedure. When the donor collects the sperm, it is stored in the laboratory or any safe environment. After that, whenever it requires, it will be ejaculated into the female's reproductive organ. The whole process is also termed intrauterine insemination. If the sperm is used for the fertilisation of eggs in the lab, it is known as in vitro fertilisation. For this whole procedure, you can choose a man who is known or unknown to you. To be the donor, the man has to go through multiple medical tests and screening of health reports, and counselling. This is done to mitigate future risks and problems.

Who qualifies for Sperm Donation?

Do you want to donate sperm? Men have to meet thousands of requirements to be successful in sperm donation. Here we mentioned some guidelines that a man has to follow:

·       The men should be in the age group of 18 and 39 years old.

·       He shouldn't be infected with infectious diseases like hepatitis C & HIV.

·       He shouldn't have any records of genetic disorders or medical conditions

·       He shouldn't take any kind of drugs and smoking

·       He must not go through the bad mental health conditions

·       Some of the sperm banks also check criminal backgrounds as well along with the physical look.

Why is the Sperm Donation procedure conducted?  

The sperm donation procedure is simple but effective and safe. This procedure is aimed at the one who wants to conceive a baby but cannot do so because of multiple health issues. This is also for single women or same-sex couples who want to conceive. If the male partner has any issues with ejaculation, this is the ideal choice for him. By doing so, the donor can bring happiness to someone's life! If your male partner is undergoing an untreatable STD, severe male infertility and genetic disease, you can move to the following procedure.

Different Types of Sperm Donation Procedures

Anonymous donor

In this donation procedure, the donor's name will be confidential. Neither the receiver nor the donor will get any information about each other. So, before choosing this type of donation procedure, ensure the resulting child will be your biological child, not the genetic one.

Known donor

In this process, you can ask to donate sperm to any of your relatives and friends. In this case, the donor and receiver are both known to each other. In this case, if any family members donate the sperm, then the embryo will be genetically linked to the family. 

Benefits of the Sperm Donation procedure

·       By using a sperm donor, you can conceive a baby.

·       The sperm donor program to conceive a baby is a healthy choice because the semen will be ejaculated in the reception after lots of medical testing and screening.

·       Being a sperm donor, you will receive financial compensation.

·       You will help a couple or an individual to conceive a baby.

·       You are helping individuals to complete their families.

·       The donor will receive free health tests.

Risks or Complications of the Sperm Donation procedure 

·       There is a risk of infections.

·       There are legal rights you should know about before donating sperm.

A risk can occur when the sperm banks don't follow the protocols. Certain policies and guidelines should be followed while collecting and handling sperm. Some sperm banks don't guarantee that the sperm doesn't carry any genetic disorder because some genetic disorders can't be determined with standard testing.

You can consult with the doctor if you find any complications in your body after the procedure. Doctor consultation is necessary. To get better information, reach Apollo Fertility by calling on 1860 500 4424 for an appointment.

1. What is the procedure for sperm donation?

Men who want to become sperm donors should follow certain steps. There are varieties of screening processes. The sperm donor should go through a complete family and medical history checkup. They must be tested for genetic disorders and health issues if they have any in the past.

2. How much time will the banks store the semen?

Most banks store the semen for six months to analyze and test it. Before ejaculating in the body, it will be tested to determine if any genetic issues are found.

3. Is sperm donation risky?

The sperm donation procedure is not risky and is completely safe and effective if you follow all the guidelines.

4. What happens after donating sperm?

The sperm sample is covered and frozen to keep it quarantined for 180 days.

5. How much sperm do women need to conceive?

You need at least one vial per insemination to conceive.

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