Intra Uterine Insemination – An alternate assisted reproductive technique

The usual way or ordinary natural way of conception happens when the sperm enters the vagina, travels through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tube to meet with the egg and begin the fertilization process. But any barrier in the travel or an issue with the sperm itself can hamper this process. IUI overcomes this hurdle by directly injecting high-quality and closely attached sperm into the uterus for the anticipated hope of its travel to the fallopian tube to meet the egg for fertilization. Thus it reduced the time and distance that sperm will have to take to travel from the male penis to the uterus. 

The sperm inserted in the uterus are collected through a process known as sperm wash. In this process, high-quality sperm is collected from the semen and concentrated in one place to insert in the womb. This technique has overcome the barrier sperm travel faces and the issue with the sperm.

Who qualifies for Intra Uterine Insemination?

The below-mentioned people are the right candidates for this method of assisted reproduction –

  • Couples who are incapable of conceiving through the natural process due to fertility issues. 
  • A single individual (female) who wishes to have a child. (Single Parenting)
  • Couples who are of similar sex wish to have a child.
  • Individuals who want to preserve their fertility before going for treatment for cancer or birth control operation or other problems.

Why is it conducted?

This minimum technical process is chosen by people who wish to have a child but are unable to do due to infertility or another issue. This method is opted by –

  • Couples who are diagnosed with unexplainable fertility problems
  • Females who wish to get pregnant from donor sperm
  • The female has a problem in the cervix either through the thickening of mucus (which facilitates the travel of sperm when thin) or the thickening of the cervix wall due to a scar during surgery.
  • Couples where the male partner produces low-quality sperm in large quantities in the semen.
  • Couples where the male partner faces problems in proper erection or proper ejaculation
  • Couples where the female partner  is unable to produce eggs at regular intervals
  • Couples where females suffer from sperm allergy 

What are the benefits associated with IUI?

The main benefit of this treatment is the birth of a child or offspring for people who are unable to conceive through normal processes. It is less expensive and has a limited invasive process when compared to other techniques in the field.

Risks and Complication associated with IUI

Below are some risks and complications pointed out concerning this assisted method of reproduction –

  • Birth of more than one child
  • The emergence of infection due to the procedure
  • The emergence of bleeding from the vaginal in small quantity 
  • The emergence of ovarian syndrome due to high intake of egg production enhancement medicines.

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This process is successful where the cause of infertility is either due to sperm quantity and quality issues or less production of eggs from ovaries. The age factor also plays a major role, where insemination at in early age is highly successful. This method is less expensive, less time taking, less invasive and the preferred choice of doctors. 

1. What are the three stages of this process?

The three stages of the above process are – Ovulation, Semen Sorting, and Insemination.

2. What is the pre-step of IUI treatment?

The doctor conducts a few tests before preparing for this process physical uterine examination, ultrasound, analysis of the collected semen, blood test, urine test etc.

3. What is the Ovulation stage of the IUI technique?

In this stage, the egg production enhancement medicine is given to the patient to increase the development of eggs.

4. What is Semen sorting stage of the IUI technique?

In this stage, the semen is collected and sorted to concentrate high-quality sperm at one place for insertion.

5. What is the Insemination stage of IUI technique?

In this stage, the sorted sperm is inserted into the uterus through a device.

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