Semen Analysis

What is semen analysis? 

This test is conducted to check the quality and volume of a man's sperm. This is the preliminary test conducted for checking a male's fertility problems. With this test, the physicians also confirm whether the vasectomy tests have been successful. For conducting this test, sample semen is collected and evaluated in laboratories. 

In this test, the sample is observed through a microscope. Sperms count, mobility and shapes of the sperms are observed and measured. 

When is a semen analysis test recommended? 

Testing infertility in men: This test is recommended for all those couples who are facing issues to conceive. With this test, the physician can confirm whether the male is having any fertility issues. This preliminary fertility test also determines whether low sperm count or other dysfunctions are the reasons behind infertility. 

Testing the success of vasectomy: This test is recommended by physicians to confirm whether vasectomy has been successful. The semen analysis test ensures that no sperms are present in the semen. While conducting a vasectomy, the physicians cut the tubes that send sperm to the penis and seal them. This method is chosen as a permanent method of birth control. Once vasectomy is done, the physicians recommend the males undergo this semen analysis test every month in the initial days and then after three months.  

How to prepare for a semen analysis test? 

Consult your physician and follow the instructions. It is very important for you to follow the steps to get the best results. 

To derive the best sample

  • Do not opt for any sexual activity and ejaculation prior 48-72 hours before this test. 
  • Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol for 4-5 days before taking this test.
  • Avoid taking up any herbal or hormonal medications. 
  • Discuss with your physician the medications you are taking. 

What is the procedure for semen analysis testing? 

The individual opting for this test needs to submit a sample of their semen to the physician. Masturbation is the most convenient and suitable way to collect a clear semen sample. 

Two factors must be kept in mind while submitting the sample and getting a perfect result. Firstly, the semen should be maintained at body temperature. If the temperature becomes extremely hot or cold, it will impact the results. Secondly, the sample should be delivered to the lab within 40 to 60 minutes of collection. 

The sample is evaluated under a microscope and the sperm count, vitality and all important factors are evaluated in a lab. 

Some elements can affect the test results. 

  • Taking the test in a stressful situation. 
  • Taking the test when ill.
  • Sending a contaminated sample. 
  • Errors made by laboratory staff. 

There are no risks associated with undergoing this semen analysis test. 

Possible results of semen analysis testing

This test is mainly conducted to check fertility issues and also the success rate of vasectomy. 

A semen analysis test after vasectomy tests whether sperms are present or not. Normal results show no sperms are present. Abnormal results show moving sperms in the semen. 

A fertility test is conducted to check the quality of the sperm. 

  • pH level: If the semen is too acidic, the sperm cannot survive. 
  • Semen volume: The amount of sperm in the semen is measured. 
  • Morphology: The size and shape of the sperms are evaluated. 
  • Liquefaction: The time taken by the semen to turn into liquid from a sticky substance is measured. 
  • Vitality: The percentage of live sperm in the semen is also evaluated. 


The semen analysis test is not the final test for infertility. This is just the preliminary test. However, if the results are not satisfactory, the doctor can recommend the precautions and steps you need to take. Contact Apollo Fertility to conduct the test. Request an appointment at Apollo Fertility/Cradle in Varanasi. Call 1860-500-1066 to book an appointment.

1. How much does it cost to have a sperm analysis test?

The average cost of a sperm analysis test varies from Rs 190 to Rs 950. It depends on the cities and the availability of the laboratories.

2. Can I evaluate my own sperm analysis?

You can opt for sperm analysis at home. The sperm test kits can predict how well the sperm are moving. However, you will not be able to check the sperm pH and vitality tests on your own.

3. How long does a sperm analysis test take?

You have to wait for around 2-3 hours to get the results of all factors of your sperm analysis test. There are no risks associated with collecting semen.

4. What is the best time to give a sperm test?

Avoid any sexual activity. 3-5 days prior to giving this test. This will ensure that your sperm count is highest at this stage.

5. What can affect sperm analysis?

Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and drugs like marijuana or cocaine decrease sperm count. You should stop avoiding consuming these before taking up your sperm analysis test.

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