Screening Tests

Screening tests are one of the most efficient ways to identify a health condition, even before its symptoms are visible. In many cases, the individuals dealing with some conditions are unaware of it. There are no recognizable symptoms in the initial stage of some conditions, so they often go unnoticed. Screening Tests can prove extremely helpful in determining the condition in such conditions. This helps with early treatment with better chances of success and implements lifestyle changes that can prevent the condition from worsening. Screen Tests are often conducted on a large section of the population that might be dealing with a certain condition. In short, Screening Tests are not diagnostic tests. But they help determine a group that is more susceptible to the condition & needs additional testing.

When should you participate in a Screening Test?

As there are mild to zero symptoms for some conditions, it becomes challenging to decide when to visit a doctor. But we strongly recommend you undergo screening tests at regular intervals. Some of these conditions are inherited. So if your parents have it, it is possible to pass it down to you. In such conditions, regular screening can be beneficial.

Some standard Screening Tests at Apollo Fertility

At Apollo Fertility JP Nagar, we offer screening tests for the following:

1. Diabetes or prediabetes: Every individual above 45 should regularly undergo Diabetes screening. Even if you are completely healthy, fit & have the ideal weight, there are chances that you might have diabetes.

2. Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a leading cause of heart attacks across the globe. So you must undergo Cholesterol screening at regular intervals, irrespective of your age. It's been observed that early detection & lifestyle changes can help manage cholesterol & stay safe.

3. Mammography: We conduct Mammography as a part of screening tests to identify breast cancer in patients at an early stage. If you are above 50, it's highly recommended that you undergo screening for breast cancer every 1 or 2 years.

4. STD screening: Sexually Transmitted diseases are rampant in many regions. At Apollo Fertility Guwahati, we offer to screen tests to identify these diseases so that a patient can be treated at the earliest possible stage.

5. Fertility Assessment: Fertility Assessment is an integral part of any fertility treatment. If you are unable to conceive even after trying for more than a year, it's vital that you and your partner participate in the Fertility Assessment test. This can help the doctor determine the underlying cause of the issue. Based on the results, further diagnostic tests can be recommended to identify the root cause of the problem.

6. Hysteroscopy: We perform this test to identify the cause of heavy bleeding during the periods, blockage of Fallopian tubes or any other issue responsible for the patient's Infertility. This test can also detect any polyp or fibroid build-up in the patient's uterus.

7. Pap Test: Pap Tests or Pap Smears are conducted to identify the presence of cervical cancer in sexually active women below 65. During the test, doctors take a sample from the cervix and perform the test to identify cancer, even when there are no symptoms present.

8. Sonohysterography: Sonohysterography is a minimally invasive procedure performed to study the internal structure of your uterus, identify any potential blockages or obstruction and determine any other abnormalities.

9. Laparoscopy: Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your doctor to look better into your stomach or pelvic region. It can help helpful in identifying an underlying issue that is causing Infertility.

10. Colonoscopy: Doctors perform a Colonoscopy to determine colon cancer in patients. If you are above 50 & have a family history of Colon Cancer, you might be at higher risk. So it's better to take this screening test at regular intervals.

Wrapping Up

Screening Tests are highly beneficial in identifying underlying health conditions early. At Apollo Fertility JP Nagar, we have a team of experts who perform these tests. You can book your consultation for more details.

1. At what intervals should I undergo screening tests?

There is no fixed duration for a screening test. But you can consult your doctor, and depending on your health, they can recommend the screening test intervals.

2. Why are screening tests necessary?

Screening tests can help identify health conditions in high-risk patients in the early stages. This is helpful in treatment.

3. Can the cause of Infertility be diagnosed with screening?

For an exact diagnosis, a screening test is not enough. Your doctor might recommend some additional tests.

4. Is Sonohysterogrpahy painful?

You should not experience any pain during the procedure. Mild cramps after the test are normal as it’s a minimally invasive procedure.

5. When should I opt for the Mammography test?

If you are above 50, we recommend you undergo a Mammography test regularly.

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