Sperm Freezing: Procedure, Benefits and Risks

Sperm freezing is a procedure of storing your Sperm in specialised sperm banks and fertility clinics by freezing them at sub-zero temperatures. Many men preserve their Sperm using this technology to improve the possibility of fathering a child later in life.

Who should opt for Sperm Freezing?

Sperm Freezing is rapidly gaining popularity amongst males across the globe. There are numerous reasons why people choose to freeze their Sperm. Those who opt for Sperm Freezing include people who are: Dealing with health conditions: Numerous conditions can adversely impact male fertility. If you are dealing with conditions like Leukemia or Testicular cancer, sperm freezing could be helpful. Undergoing certain treatments: Treatments like chemotherapy, gender affirmation therapy or any other radiation treatment can impact male fertility. So preserving Sperm through sperm freezing is a good option. Undergoing vasectomy: Vasectomy is performed for birth control. But if you are unsure whether you want to become a father in the future, securing your egg with sperm freezing could be a good decision. Ageing: If you are getting older and are planning to have children a few years later, it's important to store your Sperm. The reason is sperm quality and concentration decrease with time. Sperm Freezing is a personal choice, and one should consult their doctor before deciding. If you are married, it’s critical that you should consult your partner too.

What to expect during the Sperm Freezing Procedure?

Your doctor will inform you of the procedure when you meet them for an initial consultation. You will be given a specimen container on the day of the procedure. You will have to collect your semen in this container after masturbation in a private room. If you are uncomfortable providing semen in this way, you can talk to your doctor about a home sperm bank kit. You can collect and provide semen via this kit. Once you submit your semen, the healthcare provider divides the sample into smaller samples. One or two samples will be sent for testing, while others will be designated with proper labelling and ID tags. Your Sperm will then be stored at -196.1 Celsius under liquid nitrogen (Cryopreservation) to ensure they stay alive and healthy for a longer period. The test sample will undergo multiple tests to determine the number of sperm cells, motility of the Sperm and quality of the Sperm. The whole process is quite simple for the patient and should not take more than 30 minutes.

Benefits of Sperm Freezing

Multiple benefits of Sperm Freezing are making it very popular. Some primary benefits include the following: Extended storage time: Storing your Sperm at premium fertility clinics like Apollo Fertility Guwahati ensures that your Sperm is stored for a longer period without impacting the quality. Preserving fertility: various factors like exposure to toxic chemicals, environmental changes or lifestyle changes can reduce a man's fertility. Preserving Sperm through Sperm Banking ensures you can father a child in future if something goes wrong via multiple fertility treatments. Safety and Security: There is no health difference between a child born with Sperm stored in sperm banks and those conceived through the natural process.

Risks and complications

Sperm Freezing is generally considered safe and there are no severe risks or complications. Moreover, advanced facilities like the one at Apollo Fertility ensure the chances of successfully preserving your Sperm are higher. Still, some rare risks might include the following: a. Genetic issues: Some health conditions run through generations. If you have them, you should consult your doctor before storing your Sperm. The reason is your children might inherit the same disease. b. Inability to provide a sample: Due to some medical conditions, it becomes difficult for an individual to ejaculate and provide a semen sample. In such conditions, consulting your doctor could be a good step. At Apollo Fertility Guwahati, our goal has always been to assist individuals in realising their dream of parenthood. We can do the same for you.

1. Is preserving Sperm through Sperm Freezing safe?

Yes, it's a very safe and effective way you can father a child at any stage of life.

2. For how long can the sperm cells be preserved with Sperm Freezing?

Sperm Freezing can store your sperm cells for almost 101-2 years without affecting their health.

3. Are children born with Sperm stored via Sperm Freezing unhealthy?

No, there is no proof or case study to prove that. In fact, children born with stored Sperm are equally healthy as those born with natural intercourse.

4. Is there any preparation needed before submitting the semen?

There are no preparations. But you must ensure you do not ejaculate for 48 hours before submitting the same to ensure maximum sperm level in the semen.

5. Can age impact male fertility?

Yes, male fertility starts reducing after the age of 40 to 45 years.

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