Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing is a technique used to store fertilized eggs at sub-zero temperatures. Embryo Freezing is done to help women get pregnant in the later stage of their life via the fertility treatments like IVF. Many patients prefer embryo preservation over normal sperm or egg freezing for a better chance of success during fertility treatments.

Who qualifies for the Embryo Freezing procedure?

Individuals who want to ensure they can get pregnant at a later stage of their life qualify for Embryo Freezing. People would want to preserve their Embryos via freezing for many reasons. Some common reasons include the following: · The decision to delay the IVF treatment after the egg has already been fertilized · Impending treatment that could affect the fertility of the woman or her partner · Various career choices might prompt a woman to ensure she can conceive a child later in life. · A transgender man might wish to freeze their Embryo before undergoing gender affirmation surgery, which could impact fertility. · A decision to donate the fertilized embryos to couples who need them for various infertility treatments like IVF. No matter the reason, at Apollo Fertility Guwahati, we ensure your patients' embryos are well-preserved and secure until they decide to conceive.

What to expect during the procedure?

The doctor will collect your multiple eggs. These eggs will be fertilized with the help of your partner. If you do not have a partner, the doctors might use a donor's sperm to fertilize your eggs. Once the egg is fertilized, it can be frozen at two different stages, i.e. Cleavage Stage: Within 72 hours and the Blastocyst Stage: Within 5 to 7 days. Later the Embryo is frozen using the vitrification method. Here, Cryoprotective agents (chemicals that preserve cells from ice crystals) are added to the embryos. Then, the Embryo is stored in liquid nitrogen at the temperate of -196.1ᴼ Celsius in small straw-like glass tubes along with necessary identification details. Later whenever needed, these embryos can be thawed (warmed) for further use in treatments.

What are the benefits of Embryo Freezing?

Embryo Freezing offers a lot of benefits to the patient. Some primary benefits include the following: · A woman can conceive even in the later stage of life when her fertility is low. · A couple can preserve their Embryo for future use if they are undergoing any radiation or other treatment that can impact their fertility. · Focusing on my career right now without worrying about fertility, as the embryos are already stored securely for future pregnancy. Embryo preservation is helping a lot of couples and single woman secure their wish to become pregnant at a later stage. It can also help doctors store unused embryos after the owner's consent so other infertile couples can use them.

Risks and complications associated with the procedure

Embryo Freezing is an extremely safe and secure procedure. In fact, it's been observed that frozen-thawed embryos have lower chances of congenital disabilities like perinatal mortality, lower birth weight and other congenital issues. But just like other procedures, this one too carries some risks. · Damage to the Embryo: Embryos are very delicate and it takes extreme precision and care to ensure they are not damaged. With any little error and the Embryo will be damaged. · Pregnancy-related issues: Some women may experience preeclampsia, or placenta accrete spectrum while getting impregnated with a frozen-thawed Embryo. · Multiple births: If the doctor implants one or more embryos simultaneously, there is a risk of multiple births. But these risks are rare and if proper care is taken, there is nothing to worry about. If you, too, are looking for solutions to your fertility problems or want to store your Embryo, we at Apollo Fertility JP Nagar are always here to assist.

1. Is Embryo Freezing worth the cost and time?

The decision of embryo freezing should be your own. But before that, you must consider multiple factors, including cost and the time required for the treatment.

2. Can freezing or thawing the Embryo damage them?

At Apollo Fertility Guwahati, we take extreme care to ensure the Embryo is not damaged during any step of the procedure. But there is always a minor risk of damage.

3. Is the success ratio of IVF treatments more with the frozen Embryo?

Some doctors believe it is. But there is no concrete proof for that yet. So it would be too soon to agree or disagree on the matter.

4. How long can an embryo be stored successfully?

Embryos can be stored successfully for up to 12 years with proper care.

5. Can I transfer my frozen Embryo to someone else?

Yes, you can. It could be very helpful for couples who are dealing with infertility.

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