Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer

ZIFT or Zygote intrafallopian transfer is an assisted reproductive procedure. When there is an obstruction in the fallopian tube, it forbids the normal joining of the sperm to the egg. In this procedure, the egg cells are removed from the woman’s ovaries and...

Your Sperm Health- A Guide

It’s important to understand that the lifestyle you incorporate decides to a great extent the health of your sperm. Healthy sperm isn’t always a guarantee. Sperm health depends on several factors. Quality, movement and structure are some main determinants of your...

Why First IVF Cycle Always Fails?

IVF treatment is not an easy treatment. It exhausts the patient emotionally, physically and financially. Even the ones who are successful in having their little ones will rarely come out without sufferings. There are three primary reasons as to why IVF fails: • The...

What is the success rate of IVF procedures in India?

IVF procedures are carried successfully throughout the year in India. All couples face their own difficulties in conceiving and IVF happens to be the solution for most of them. However, the concern for most of the couples remains that if investing time and money in...

What are Some Signs that a Man is Infertile?

Every couple dream of having a baby one day. For some that dream comes true pretty soon, for some, it takes time while unfortunately for others it never happens. As per the researches, around 15% of the couple are infertile. Now infertility may be due to the female...

What are Ovulatory Disturbances?

Any disturbances in the production of ovum or egg cells which can result in infertility, are called ovulatory disturbances. The start of ovulation in a woman can be detected through a rise in LH or Luteinizing hormones or a rise in the Basal Body Temperature (BBT)....

Sonosalpingography- During and After the Procedure

Today’s science has so evolved that it has a solution to each and every problem. From helping people in their daily chores to medical help, it has something for every field. Medicine is one such field wherein it has made its mark giving to the world n number of...

Why is the Routine Assay Test Performed

A routine Assay test is a test that is performed in order to evaluate the efficiency of metabolic processes and condition in the body. These metabolic processes give an indication of hormonal imbalances in the body. The Assay test may be performed in order to...

Vitrification Of Eggs

Vitrification is a technique of cryopreservation that results in glass like solidification. This technique is used in the freezing of oocyte, zygote, embryo, and blastocyst. But, it is most widely used in the freezing of oocytes or eggs. Vitrification is a process of...




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