Who are the Right Candidates for Egg Freezing

July 18, 2018

While it is easier for women to become pregnant before the age of 35, some women may want to or be compelled to delay pregnancy for a variety of reasons. The job of starting a family post the intensively fertile years of  a woman’s life used to be a problem in the past – but not anymore!

With the availability of the option of freezing eggs for future use, women can now choose to delay pregnancy without the risk of missing out on it completely.

Women may wish to freeze and preserve their eggs for future pregnancies for a variety of reasons, including but not related to the following:

  • Women who are focused on their career at the moment and wish to delay pregnancy till the time that they have achieved their career goals.
  • Women who haven’t found the right life partner but are above the age of 30 and thus wish to freeze their eggs so as to increase their chances of pregnancy as compared to traditional IVF treatments
  • Women who are averse to the idea of using frozen embryos through IVF to become pregnant.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with ovarian insufficiency, early menopause or any other condition that may increase her chances of infertility.

The question that arises, however, is whether the patient who wants to opt for egg freezing is actually a suitable candidate for the procedure.

The following are the two types of women who are ideal candidates for the process of egg freezing:

  1. Couples currently undergoing IVF treatment and thus creating more eggs than required.
  2. Couples who do not want to create and preserve embryos for ethical reasons.
  3. Women who are currently undergoing chemotherapy or any other form of cancer treatment.
  4. Women who have experienced premature menopause.
  5. Women who :
  • Are currently taking any Rheumatological or any other related treatment.
  • Have recently had a surgery.
  • Are suffering from an endocrinological problem.
  • Are suffering from conditions or taking treatments that might impair or destroy the proper functioning of their ovaries.

All said and done, it is important to remember that freezing your eggs for future use does not necessarily guarantee a pregnancy in the future. It gives you an edge over other women who try becoming pregnant the natural way, in their late thirties, but does not guarantee a pregnancy as certain problems may arise which may hamper the pregnancy.

At Apollo Fertility, we endeavor to give our best towards the efforts of helping you become pregnant. We also realise the emotional turbulence that women who are trying to become pregnant or are endeavoring to make arrangements for future pregnancies go through. Which is why we ensure that all our patients receive the most comprehensive yet sensitised treatment and care.

At Apollo Fertility, we ensure to provide you with state of the art facilities and the most advanced equipments so as to maximize your chances of pregnancy through egg freezing, while also keeping your mental and emotional well being in mind.

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