Am I in proper reproductive health?

September 4, 2018

Am I in proper reproductive health?

The question that bothers the most when one is trying to conceive and has failed in few attempts. Rising infertility due to work stress, improper food habits, the distance between partners and other such reasons are sure to make you question your own reproductive health.

It is very important to take care and protect the women reproductive system due to its tenderness and protect it from various infections, injuries and abnormalities. The concern can be dealt with in some easy ways if it is detected and treated in time. It is very important to take care of your health at a reproductive age and time. Both men and women need to understand the seriousness of maintaining their reproductive health and working towards keeping it healthy. Choosing healthy habits, leading a healthy life and being conscious about your health are important factors for maintaining a good reproductive health.

Depression can affect reproductive health

A man and a woman can suffer from depression. Failing to conceive, miscarriage and changes in life after having a baby can lead to depression and the situation is extremely normal. These causes can lead to depression in men and women alike. There might be some other reasons for depression and these needs to be treated. It is important to have a positive approach towards life and feel good about it. Consultations can also help in curing depression.


When having unprotected sex for almost a year results in failed attempts to get pregnant, this situation is known as infertility. Male and female infertility both can equally have a problem. This may be due to various reasons some of them being age, weight issues, other health conditions and so on. There are medications and surgeries available to treat these situations.


No one wants an unplanned pregnancy and there are ways to stop it. Trusted ways of contraception can be effective in stopping unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. These include pills, hormonal and barrier methods among others. These contraceptive methods are proved safe and effective. Using the right contraception is important for maintaining a healthy reproductive system as for some it can be harmful and cause permanent damage to the reproductive system, leading to infertility.

If you have any doubts regarding your reproductive health, consult with your health care provider or Gynaecologist.

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