Does exercising affect fertility?

September 19, 2018

Does exercising affect fertility?

In obesity or women who are overweight suffering from PCOS regular exercise can improve the frequency of ovulation leading to regular menstrual cycles. … Obesity in men can reduce sperm quality and fertility. Obesity or being overweight produces an adverse effect on the fertility of a woman. Women who are overweight and taking the fertility treatment are advised to lose weight for improving their fertility. Losing weight also helps such women in achieving the best results of the fertility treatment.

Exercise plays an important role that affects the fertility of a woman. Light exercise is advised but heavy exercise while taking the fertility treatment or if a woman wants to get pregnant will surely affect her fertility level.

How weight affects the female fertility?

If a woman does more than an hour of vigorous exercise it decreases the production of the hormones that stimulate the function of the ovaries. The ovaries become underactive and do not produce estrogen and mature or fertile eggs. When a woman does intense exercise, her body breaks down the proteins in the muscles and produces ammonia which inhibits pregnancy. Intense exercise also lowers the progesterone level in the body. Intense exercise also suppresses the production of FSH and LH hormones that help in producing eggs.

Good exercise for increasing the fertility

Mild to moderate exercise also helps in reducing the stress and anxiety in a pregnant woman. When a woman tries to conceive she should do regular and moderate exercise for improving female fertility. Some of the important exercises that are considered good for increasing the fertility are:

  • Brisk walking for half an hour, five times in a weak
  • One hour session of yoga for two or three times in a week
  • Light jogging for 10-15 minutes
  • Aerobics, twice or thrice in a week
  • Swimming

Exercises that should be avoided if a woman tries to get pregnant

  • Excessive running for many miles every day
  • Core strength exercise after ovulation
  • Doing the heavy exercise for seven days of a week for one hour

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Women who are trying to get pregnant should consult a doctor before starting any type of exercise. A well qualified and experienced doctor can give the best advice on doing the right exercise before getting pregnant and during pregnancy.



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