Fertility After a Cancer Diagnosis

April 21, 2018

Gone are the days when it was certain for a patient suffering from cancer that his last days have begun. Researchers and scientists have come up with effective treatments to cure cancer and this has helped many patients to come back to race of life, after crossing a big hurdle. Many cases of cancer are still reported in people across the globe but people who get diagnosed in early stage manage to fight the disease and resume their normal life eventually.


One of the major concerns after under going chemotherapy is that if the patient would be able to lead a normal and healthy reproductive life.

The answer to this question lies in the severity of individual’s situation. Going under chemotherapy or radiation therapy surely effects the gonads and may lead to infertility if they are treated near the pelvic area or for ovarian cancer. If the individual is treated directly below the stomach, chances are that this might destroy the endometrium in women and she might not be able to support a child herself ever.


If someone is being treated for neuroendocrine cancer, same effect can be expected in regards to reproductive health because hormonal changes can be expected. However, the effect depends on the exposure of radiation and how individual body reacts to it.

Some patients are told in advance about the risks involved in going under chemotherapy and are suggested to get their eggs or sperms preserved if they are keen on having biological children. IVF treatment can be beneficial for them in this case. This can also be a solution for women whose body can’t support a child and still wishes to have a family of her own.

Infertility after going under chemotherapy also depends on the age group. If younger children get cured after cancer treatment then chances are they can lead a normal reproductive life in future. Tests are conducted to know more about their situation.


Cancer treatment really drains the energy out of body and even if the individuals are told that they can lead normal reproductive life, they are advised to wait for sometime. This gives time to the patient to recover and then they can resume their regular life. Consult your doctor about the possible situations you could end up in and think of other ways through which you can start a family. Many techniques of conceiving are advised and you can adopt as well if you want to start a family. Proper counselling is done for people who have undergone the treatment. Consult your doctor for more information.

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