How can you boost your fertility

April 26, 2018

Every woman wants to become a mother. When conceptions are delayed it becomes a matter of concern for the couple and they wonder if they can do anything about fertility or improve it. Below are some tips to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Maintaining a healthy diet, weight and temperature

The first basic thing that the doctor advises is to maintain a healthy diet that would keep your body at the basal temperature and also help you to maintain your body weight according to your height. Eating too much or too little can be the cause of infertility and irregular reproductive cycle. This is also the cause of irregular ovulation. Instead of taking the same protein sources, a woman can switch them at regular intervals. For example, she can make switches between egg, meat and fish intake or replace animal protein sources with vegetable protein sources like pulses and vegetables like beans etc. This decreases the risk of infertility by some percentage. Fat requirement is also necessary for proper ovulation. A glass of milk every day would boost your fertility. Intake of too much caffeine can hamper conception. One should not get anxious when conception is delayed but try to meditate and do some yoga to get rid of stress. Your doctor will also advise you to do some moderate exercise to keep your menstrual cycle normal. Rigorous exercises should be avoided.

Body hydration 
Your body has to stay hydrated to allow the sperm to find the egg through the cervical fluid. Therefore, your gynaecologist advises you to consume plenty of water. This also helps you stay active and not grow sluggish.

The relation of ovulation and cervical mucus 
The more the cervical mucus the more the chances of ovulation. Ovulation occurs when the cervical mucus looks like egg white. It’s good to maintain an ovulation calendar to study the patterns of your cycle that also helps in maintaining your fertility. Doctors often advise an ovulation kit that can help a couple assess the ovulation time and plan their childbirth. Contraceptive pills should only be taken with the advice of the doctor.

Apart from these steps, it’s very essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also sexual life in order to stay healthy and fertile.


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