Lifestyle and fertility

April 17, 2018

Want to experience the joy of being a mother? Well, it takes more than just regular intercourse for you to get there. Both, you and your partner must cultivate some positive lifestyle choices and discard a few negative ones for a healthy pregnancy. When we look at the statistics, it shows that both men and women experience fertility issues equally. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. And, when it comes to certain lifestyle choices, they play a major role in your fertility. So, what are they? Keep reading to know more.


Several studies show that the couple who quit consuming alcohol before trying to make a baby was able to do so more quickly and successfully than the couple who drank alcohol regularly. When women opt for these hard-drinks, consuming them regularly, they might experience irregular periods, irregular ovulation, luteal phase defects, and a decrease in the chances of conception. And, when a man consumes alcohol regularly, it depletes the health of the sperm, decreasing its motility and morphology. It can also hamper the DNA carrying sperms.

However, if you were to consume it occasionally and not overdoing it, you can still stay in the safe zone. But, when you are trying to conceive, follow the below rules;

• Stay away from liquor a few days before and after your ovulation.

• Make sure at least 3-4 days in a week are spent without alcohol 

• Whenever you drink, replenish your body with fresh water. 


Some researchers claim that women who drink more than 5 cups of caffeine in a day are prone to miscarriage. However, there are no hard facts to prove this statement, but it is better to be safe than sorry. But, when you consume too much caffeine, it can spike your blood sugar levels, contribute towards your mood swings, and can also cause stress. When a man consumes too much caffeine, it can lead to the sperm becoming hyperactive and can damage the motility. So, make sure you cut back on caffeine and if you are a coffee lover then try going decaf.


Smoking is not just injurious to your overall health, but it can also damage your fertility. When you smoke, it reduces the vitamin c present in your body, and it is essential during your pregnancy. It can also harm your unborn child, and even damage the eggs and sperm. So, both you and your partner must refrain from smoking before you even try to get pregnant.


Both of you must maintain your ideal body weight. Being underweight or overweight can be damaging. When the ideal weight is not maintained, you will experience fluctuations in the hormones, irregular periods, changes in blood sugar levels, etc. Therefore, try to get in shape before your pregnancy.


Did you know? Physical activity releases endorphins or most commonly known as the feel-good hormones. Apart from that, it improves your blood circulation, making sure that the ovaries receive all the necessary nutrients and for men, it reaches the testicles.

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