Most Common Male Fertility Myths

March 15, 2019

Most Common Male Fertility Myths

When it comes to a male’s fertility, a plethora of myths are thrown around. Where a male is concerned, people often tend to think that men are practically immune to infertility; which is far from the truth.

Here’s a list of fertility myths you should stop believing

Myth 1: Women are the only one to experience fertility issues.

Dating all the way back to roughly about a decade ago, people still believed that only women out of both genders have infertility disorder. Incorrect! Infertility is common in women, yes. But men have infertility disorder too. About 30% of the men around the world face fertility issues and have difficulties when planning with their partner.

Myth 2: Only women take supplements to boost their fertility.

Reduced estrogen levels in women result in ovaries producing fewer follicles. Similarly, testosterone, a hormone present in males does suffer dips and highs in its levels. Lower levels of this vital hormone in men result in less secretion of seminal fluid. On the flip side, if ever, should the hormone rise above the normal levels, it reduces the sperm count present in the semen; causing a colossal hitch in the impregnating process.

Healthy eating is a good way to boost fertility. A study shows that men, who eat diets that are low in the folic acid face the brunt of low fertility or infertility.

Doctors, for this precise reason, suggest supplements to keep the levels of these hormones at a moderate level.

Now that you’ve been educated on the subject. That men, too, take hormonal supplements, never believe this myth again.

Myth 3: Obesity does not affect fertility.

Obesity is basically an abomination for a human body. Whenever has fat deposits been good for human health? That’s right, never! Overweight coincides with infertility in men and women alike throughout the world. Since obesity has a direct impact on hormones that play a vital role in getting pregnant. Shedding even a few pounds would make the sperm motility a lot better.

Myth 4: Have regular intercourse to get pregnant

This myth is as absurd as any because it doesn’t matter if you have sexual intercourse regularly or plan it out. The time of the month at which a man’s sperm is at its peak is what matters the most. Like a woman ovulates every month before her period starts, a man has days where he can produce the most sperms. Having intercourses that are strategically planned increases more chances of getting you pregnant.

Myth 5: Smoking has no adverse effect on fertility

Smoking is harmful. In fact, so harmful that it interferes with motility of the sperms present in the semen. Smoking increases the levels of testosterone that causes 200 million sperms to present per millilitre of semen to drop significantly. If you’re trying to get pregnant, we suggest you stub that cigarette out and start keeping your lungs and hormones healthy.

Myth #6: Coffee doesn’t cause infertility issues

Not true again! Where moderate consumption of beverages didn’t hurt anybody, consuming caffeine in copious amounts could be lethal. Dropping your chance of conception about 45%.

All being said, precautionary measures are to be taken if you are trying to get pregnant, nonetheless. People going through infertility disorder, be aware that, infertility doesn’t mean you can’t become a parent. Get evaluated by an expert. Speak to us @ 18605004424

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