Self-care during fertility treatments

May 6, 2018

Infertility can feel all-consuming – it is a feeling that gets amplified during the course of an IVF treatment. When you may feel that your mind, body and soul is consumed with thoughts about conception during infertility treatments, it gives you a huge reason to practice self-care. Here are some tips to help you take care of yourself during infertility treatments so that you concentrate on the process, without overthinking and stressing yourself out!

Take a hard look at your priorities: When you are going through a difficult time, you are always advised to rearrange your priorities and even switch up your perspectives, if necessary. The same is the case when you are undergoing infertility treatment. Infertility treatments are arrays of emotional and physical rollercoasters that tend to take up all your energy. It is important, therefore, to set your priorities straight while you are undergoing infertility treatments. You may find that you do not have the physical or the emotional energy to do day to day activities, attend social gatherings or even stick to your usual gym routine – and that’s okay. Do not be too hard on yourself.

Step out of your house: While you are advised to take plenty of rest during the course of the infertility treatment, staying indoors all day can make you feel suffocated and trapped and might even affect your mental and emotional wellbeing. So while you may not be feeling so energized, make it a point to step out of your house frequently. Perform at least one outdoor activity every day – step out for a walk, grab a cup of coffee with a friend or read a book in the park – perform whichever outdoor activity you love, at least once a day.

Surround yourself with comfort: Make sure that you make your house a very warm, safe and comfortable environment for you while you are undergoing infertility treatment. Buy your favourite flowers, light up your favourite candles or drape fluffy blankets – self-care is about creating little sanctuaries of comfort for yourself. Find what this means to you and incorporate these little elements in your house.

Take a sound sleep: Sleep is the ultimate stress buster. It is a crucial part of the body’s natural healing process, which is why it becomes imperative to never compromise on your sleep schedule, especially while you are undergoing treatment for infertility. Getting enough sleep alone is enough to help make you feel less stressed out and more calm and relaxed.

Take some time and unplug: Scrolling through social media itself can boost your stress levels. Sad news about concerning various tragedies around the world, seeing pictures of pregnant friends etc. can spike your stress levels no end. It is, therefore, advisable to swear off all social media platforms for some time and focus on your family and health, giving yourself space and time to heal, both physically and mentally.

We advise keeping in constant touch with your expert at Apollo Fertility Clinic during this time for all the necessary advice, consultation and recommendations. Your healthcare expert at Apollo can also put you in touch with several women in the same situation as you, thus helping you cope better.

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