Surgical advances in fertility treatment

June 8, 2018

There have been tremendous advancements in the field of fertility and how these procedures are going to solve the various problems associated with fertility. While some of these procedures are in its nascent stages, it remains to be seen how these procedures would make a difference to lives. The innovations are noteworthy as technology is playing an incredible role in shaping the medical space around us which is changing dramatically. Now, let us have a look at some advanced techniques which are changing the medical space over time.

•    Three parent Embryo

There are certain genetic diseases which might affect the fertility of a woman. Scientists have found out a controversial procedure which enables the mother with a genetic disorder to have a perfectly healthy child, which would allow the couple to bear a child free from genetic disorders. The procedure involves infusing genetic materials from three parents. This procedure involves infusing the male sperm with two female ovaries. The procedure is still in its nascent stages and would require intensive research which would help gain an insight into the pros and cons of this procedure.

•    Penile transplants

Doctors have been working on a procedure to transplant penis in males. There is research which is still going on in this regard as doctors are still doing intensive work which would allow many males with diseases in their penises to reproduce. The procedure is still to be patented; the procedure would involve transplanting the penis onto the scrotum which houses the testis; the factory of sperms.

The problem with this procedure is the lack of a donor, which actually might be difficult to find. The procedure to remove Penis is still under scrutiny and has also invited criticism and has sparked debate in the medical world citing the irregularity in the process of removal of Penis. Doctors in the US and other countries are working out to make this procedure come true and change the lives of many who suffer from diseases related to the penis.

•    In Vitro Maturation

In vitro maturation, popularly known by its acronym IVM is a technique that helps in speeding up the process of maturation of the immature eggs which would otherwise take a long time to mature. The eggs are placed under a controlled environment for the eggs to get matured soon. The procedure allows or rather gives a choice to the women with certain ovarian disorders to become mothers. This procedure is still only its nascent stages and would take time to actually be in use.

•    Artificial Sperm building

Scientists in the People’s Republic of China have worked out a procedure to build sperm-like cells on a Petri dish. This would prove to be boon of many males suffering from infertility and would give a new hope to them. The prospect seems to be exciting, but the procedure is still in testing waters as the scientists are finding a way that would prove the credibility of such a procedure.

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