Look At Infertility In a Whole New Light

January 11, 2018

Infertility is nothing to be ashamed of. It is no taboo. With the right consultation and diagnosis, it can be cured. Just like any other disease. The main reason behind infertility getting a bad rep is ignorant behavior of people and our nonchalance towards the disease. Scroll down to view stories shared by people who have been battling infertility or have overcome the disease, and try looking at things from their perspective.

Sometimes all it takes to change expectations is a single consultation.


For some the transition into a mother is a big step that happens gradually.



Think infertility is uncomfortable? Ever wonder what they go through?


Try to understand the emotions they carry on their shoulders.


Make sensitivity a standard practice. Be there for the ones in need.


It takes a lot of courage to stand tall against all odds. Salute to those who do.


Sometimes it is not easy to get all the answers you’re looking for.


Infertility is a medical condition. It is nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s hard to be patient when you’re a patient. We understand.


Empathizing with the pain of someone else’s suffering is not easy.


For some it’s a dream waiting to happen.


We’re proud to say we’ve brought many dreams like this to life, at Apollo Fertility.


A little awareness goes a long way.


Sometimes all you want is all you think about.


People say the strangest things, when all it takes is a little effort to be more aware.


Infertility can be tough, we know. At Apollo Fertility, we’re always here for you.


Do you think you know infertility? You’d be surprised.


Just because you have conceived before doesn’t mean you can’t be affected.


Moms are amazing! But sometimes they might not know the whole story.


At Apollo Fertility, we make your parenthood a top priority.

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