What are some lifestyle changes that I can make to improve my chances of success with this fertility treatment?

July 9, 2018

Today, several couples struggle with infertility and in almost more than 40% cases the reasons remain unexplained. However, if you are trying to get pregnant, either naturally or through fertility treatments, it is important to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. This will enhance your success rates and even make sure that your baby comes out healthy.

1. Say no to alcohol

Some men and women enjoy a glass of wine or some beer at the end of their day. However, before you try conceiving, it is important to cut down on the booze. Too much alcohol can cause several problems, such as hamper the menstrual cycle, lower the testosterone levels, lower the sperm quantity, etc.

2. Don’t overthink

Some women get obsessed with tracking their fertile time and having intercourse only while ovulating. However, it is important to let go of the stress and keep trying regularly.

3. A baby-friendly diet

You must make sure that everything that goes inside your body is just the healthy stuff. Stay away from junk or processed food. Consume fresh fruits and veggies. And, make sure you take the required amount of zinc every day as it enhances the health of the egg. Zinc-rich foods are; turkey, chicken breasts, and nuts. Men must make sure they consume selenium as it is a must for proper sperm formation and testosterone. You will find it in Brazil nuts, fish, eggs, and mushroom. To improve sperm motility and increase the sperm count in semen, consume yogurt, eggs, fresh salmon, beef, kiwis, oranges, cabbages, asparagus, almonds, avocados, and tomatoes.

4. Weight

Maintain your ideal weight is excruciatingly important. Being over and underweight can lead to infertility and the fertility treatments might also not work. Therefore, you must be within the body mass index of 30 and over 19. So, eat healthily and exercise regularly. Stay away from crash diets as they do more harm than good.

5. Don’t smoke

Smokers are exposed to fertility issues and if you are a heavy smoker, the fertility treatments might also fail. Therefore, it is mandatory that you quit. Almost 7000 types of chemicals get inside your body when you smoke. It damages the eggs, sperm motility, sperm quality, etc. This can gravely compromise your chances of conception, even through IVF. If you are unable to quit on your own, you can talk to a doctor at Apollo Fertility or join a support group.

6. Water

Water is the base of our blood and enhances the reproductive system. It also increases the production of vaginal discharge, making sure the sperm swims easily to bind with the egg.

7. Don’t stress

When you are stressed, there are chances of your fertility shutting down, at least temporarily. Your ovulation can get disoriented and hormone levels can fluctuate. Therefore, practice yoga, exercise, meditate, or even write a journal to make sure you stay calm and relaxed.

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