What happens during my first visit to the fertility clinic?

July 22, 2018

Your first visit to a fertility clinic can be an amalgamation of emotions, such as excitement, nervousness, etc. But, what must you expect from the visit? What will happen during your first visit? Should you carry your medical files? There must be several questions going around in your head. However, don’t take the stress. Just read on to know more.

Before your appointment

It is always better to be prepared beforehand. Therefore, check your health insurance coverage before you visit your doctor. This will help you stay financially ready before you begin your treatment.

Things to carry with you

Your Medical Records Don’t ignore anything. Carry all your medical files, your test reports, and even drug prescriptions. This will help speed up the process and not waste your time. Apart from your medical files, make a list of all the medications, supplements, vitamins you and your partner consume, even the herbal ones. Even if you feel its insignificant, it might be important.

A list of questions you have for your doctor It is important to clear all your doubts. So, prepare a questionnaire. You can write it or print it, but make sure you carry it with you before you go.  

A notebook It is important to carry a notebook during your first visit. When the doctor provides you with the details, it sometimes becomes hard to keep everything in mind. Hence, you can take notes to remember all the necessary information.

Your partner This is not compulsory but definitely encouraged. This will make sure your partner is also involved in each step. And, your partner might also have to undergo a few tests. Therefore, it is better he is involved in the process from the beginning. Also, if nothing, your partner can provide you with some emotional support.

Getting Ready for the first visit

Before the first visit, anxiety might try to take over. But, keep yourself busy to stay calm. The first visit is like a getting-to-know-each-other session. You will meet the doctor and the team in charge of your treatment. They will take a look at your medical history and discuss it with you in detail. The doctor might ask you about previous treatments, your period history, details about your bleeding, etc. They might also ask you about your sex life, how long you have been trying if you track your ovulation, and more. Once they have a firm understanding, they will prepare a plan, which will include all the tests and the treatments you are supposed to undergo. Your first visit can last even more than an hour. The doctors at Apollo Fertility will try their best to make you feel comfortable. Have an easy relationship with your doctor will prove beneficial during the treatment.

Things you must ask your doctor

• What tests do you recommend?

• Why do you recommend the said tests?

• What is the cost?

• How long will it take for complete diagnosis?

• The treatment options and their success rates

• Make sure you ask about the clinic and the staff.

• Ask if they have a counselor at the hospital

• Make sure you take their emergency contact number

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