Why you shouldn’t skip your yearly Gynaecological Exam?

June 17, 2017

We, women, fuss about the health of our loved ones but often ignore our own health and wellbeing. One such aspect is missing out on a yearly gynaecology examination. While there is no prescribed age for your first gyno exam, experts say that every woman above the age of 21 should get one done annually.

Following are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on your yearly gyno exam:

1. Timely diagnosis of health problems

While you may consider yourself to be in the pink of health, the reality may be something else. Certain types of cancers such as breast, ovarian and cervical do not have very obvious symptoms. A regular gynaecological examination will ensure that these are detected and treated in time. Other health issues such as PCOS, sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic infections, etc. can be better treated if they are detected at the right time, preventing further complications.

2. Keeps you healthy

Why wait for disaster to strike? Gynaecological exam procedures will ensure that your doctor is able to keep you well informed on aspects such as vaccinations, birth control, pregnancy, nutrition, etc. as well as any risks that you may need to be aware of. You can get all your doubts cleared and put your mind at ease.

3.  Helps build a relationship with your gynaecologist

While you may feel a little hesitant during your first time gyno exam, you slowly build a bond with your doctor in subsequent visits. Visiting your gynaecologist once a year for a checkup ensures that your doctor is aware of your problems and conditions. This will help them help you better by providing the right treatment. This bond with your gynaecologist becomes especially important if you are planning a pregnancy anytime in the future, suffering from any health problems or going through a significant life change such as menopause.

For an annual gynaecology examination, visit Apollo Fertility, where experienced medical professionals will conduct thorough gynaecological exam procedures including a pap smear, mammogram, a test for sexually transmitted diseases, and screening for colon cancer. The tests done in a gynaecological exam may differ from person to person depending on their age, medical history and condition.

If you’re scared about a painful gyno exam or wary about what happens in a gynaecological exam, fret not, and leave the medical aspects to the team of specialists at Apollo Fertility, who will take care of all your gynaecological needs through a combination of their knowledge and experience, state-of-the-art technology and clinical protocols. You’re in safe hands when you choose Apollo Fertility.

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