When to opt for fertility treatment?

December 26, 2016

Difficulty in getting pregnancy is a common problem in this modernized society. Not getting pregnant as per your plans makes you impatient and frustrated. Fertility treatment is a gift of modern science which has helped millions of couples across the globe to conceive.

When to seek for fertility treatment?

  • If you haven’t conceived even after having one-year of regular unprotected sex, see a fertility specialist.
  • Women under 35 who find it difficult getting pregnant after having regular unprotected intercourse for a year must seek medical help.
  • Women who are over 35 and having difficulty conceiving after having six months of regular unprotected sex must opt for fertility treatments.
  • Having irregular menstrual and ovulation patterns poses a high risk for infertility. If you are going through these issues, then it is highly recommended to see a fertility specialist to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  • If either of the partners has been diagnosed with cancer and if they are still trying to protect their ability to conceive, they need to take a fertility treatment in time.
  • If either of the partners is suffering with any hormonal or endocrine disorder like high thyroid or diabetes, the couple must seek fertility treatment.
  • Women having the previous history of any gynecological or abdominal surgeries are also recommended to opt for fertility treatment once they decide to have a baby.
  • After the age of 35, fertility rate declines in women and they cannot get pregnant easily. As the he risk of infertility increases with ageing.
  • At this point of age, women are highly recommended to opt for fertility treatment. The sooner you opt for fertility treatment, the faster the treatment and results.

Infertility can be a symptom of many medical conditions and may get worse as the time passes. So, the delays in seeking help from a fertility specialist make fertility treatment less effective for you. Receiving fertility treatments at right time also helps you to reduce the potential risk of getting pregnancy complications while trying to conceive.

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