5 Tips to Help you Conceive

July 20, 2016

Many women prefer to get married early so that they can start a family of their own and avoid the problems that one might encounter trying to conceive. They feel that having a baby at a younger age is better than delaying pregnancy for any reason. And rightly so! The chances of conceiving decrease slightly after the age of 32 and much more rapidly after the age of 35. The chances of having complications during your pregnancy also increase after the age of 35. So it makes good sense to start a family early, whenever you are ready.
When you and your partner decide to start a family, you can follow a few simple tips to increase your chance of success.

1. A happy relationship with regular unprotected sex:

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the “fertile window” spans a six-day interval, which is five days prior to ovulation and the day on which ovulation occurs. These are the days in a month when a woman is most fertile and intercourse two days before ovulation is most likely to result in conception.
Additionally, having regular and unprotected sex twice or thrice a week can significantly increase one’s chances of getting pregnant by up to 84%.
Try to banish stress in any form-try forms of relaxation like meditation or yoga or whatever works for you.
It’s a myth that there is any position for sex is best for getting pregnant. However, lay back and relax after sex for 10-15 minutes.

2. Have a prenatal check up

Ask your doctor about vitamin supplements especially folic acid and make sure that you are as healthy as you can be. Treat iron deficiency anaemia with diet and supplements if required and get any medical problem treated before you conceive.

3. Get in shape with regular exercise:

Being physically active is very important when you want to conceive. A regular program of exercise prepares your body for the demands of pregnancy and labor. But don’t overdo it. Strenuous workouts could interfere with ovulation. Try to get to an ideal weight and avoid being underweight as it reduces your chances of conceiving.

4. Quit smoking, drinking and recreational drugs & cut back on the caffeine

Smoking and drinking can adversely affect your fertility and chances of conceiving. It affects the fertility of both men & women. Also, women should avoid exposing themselves to passive smoking. Cut back on caffeine as well and avoid recreational drugs.

5: Eat healthy!

There is no perfect diet plan that can give positive results, but eating healthy food and at proper timings can significantly enhance one’s chances of getting pregnant. Foods high in protein, calcium and iron should be an integral part of your diet. Include lots of greens and fruit in your diet as well as fiber. Additionally, one should not skip breakfast and have a light dinner. Folic acid is important and it is recommended for women to start taking folic acid, a vitamin, as soon as they decide to have a baby and continue it till up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This minimises the chances of the child being born with neural tube defects and cardiac anomalies.
After following this advice, you can check your success with a pregnancy kit. Or, you can take the help of experts at Apollo Cradle for this or any other issues you may have.

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