Egg Donation and the Older Patient

April 16, 2018

Studies have shown that conceiving at older age without any complications can be a little difficult but not impossible. Egg donation helps women who can’t conceive start a family of their own as they might have problem in doing that naturally. Egg donation is a possible solution for women who have crossed a certain age mark, let’s see how that affects your reproductive life.


It is known that as a woman approaches menopause, many hormonal and bodily changes started occurring and this also affects the number of eggs produced by ovaries. There is a possibility that someone wants to start family at an older age. In this case, it advised to use donor eggs because of the obvious reason, that younger eggs have high rate of being successfully conceived.

Studies have shown that women above the age of 38, should opt for using donor eggs as it can be more promising than using her own.

The number of follicles produced in ovaries decline after certain age and hence it is advised to go for other methods of conceiving if you wish to start your family late.

IVF treatment has gained popularity because of many reasons and hence people opt for it. However, it again comes down to the question, whether or not you should be using your own eggs.

As mentioned earlier, with increasing age of women, the rate of conceiving successfully decreases and hence for women older than 38, it is advised to go for donor eggs of woman who is younger.

If you aren’t willing to conceive through donor eggs, you can also get your eggs frozen and have them stored at fertility clinics. You will not have to compromise with having biological children if you get your eggs frozen.

How to go about raising a family through artificial method would totally depend on you. If there is a problem with your uterus, you can opt for surrogacy as well. You will be able to have your own child if you have your eggs frozen. After the IVF treatment, the embryo will be implanted i donor’s womb.

Consulting your doctor will help out find out what methods would be the most suitable for you and what possible technologies can come handy at your age. Read as much about it as you can apart from having a word with your doctor.   

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