Keep stress at bay during pregnancy

April 16, 2018

Becoming a mother is not a cakewalk especially if you are becoming one for the first time. Mom-To-be experience a major lifestyle, relationship and physical changes during their pregnancies. It’s no secret. A factor with this the common concerns like mood swings, morning sickness and worry about the baby’s health, and we know that this event can also come with its set of side-effects.

Little stress every day though may not cause harm to the mother or the baby, however, prolonged stress can put you at a higher risk of certain problems like premature birth or lower weight of baby during birth. It is very important for would-be-mothers to take care of these things and manage normal levels of stress during your pregnancy using natural methods.

To help you cope with it, we have compiled some ideas to help you relax:


• Exercising is the best way to relax not only your muscles but also your mind.

• During pregnancy, you can go for gentle exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, and stretching can do wonders to reduce the stress levels without getting you tired.

• Exercises will give you an energy boost and help lower down your cortisol levels, which are responsible for causing stress and anxiety.

• You can either hire a personal trainer or rely on a wide range of CDs available in the market for going-to-be mothers.


• Getting an adequate amount of sleep for any individual is anyways very important. Lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns affect your mood and hampers your eating habits as well.

• So when it comes to mothers, it is of utmost importance to get more sleep than before as your body is already working overtime.

• It can sometimes be hard to get comfortable especially if you were a former belly sleeper. In such cases, you can use a body pillow specially designed for pregnant women to provide them comfort while sleeping.

Say No

• During pregnancy, as women understand it’s the most important phase of their life, especially if you are a first-time mother.

• In these times, it is important to prioritize more important work and avoid taking up unnecessary or less-important commitments.

• This will help you avoid unnecessary stress as the work on your hand will be less. This in-line will help you slow down, relax and evaporate your stress levels.

At Apollo’s Fertility, we know and understand how it feels to experience the joy of becoming a mother. We understand each patient has different needs. Apollo’s Fertility department provides patients with extensive care during their pregnancy, assistance before delivery as well as post-delivery. We assist patients to choose different packages available at the facility, so they don’t have to visit different places to fulfil various needs. With all these facilities, you are sure to find your ideal services at Apollo’s fertility clinic.

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