Pregnancy After Age 40

July 1, 2018

As a woman grows older, her fertility decreases. Her ovaries age and the quality of her eggs deteriorate. By the time she turns 35, she would have lost around 1000 eggs as a result of the menstrual cycle. By 40, only one tenth of her ovarian reserve is intact. Usually, conception is hard to occur after the age of forty. And even if the fertilisation is successful, the children born tend to have chromosomal abnormalities. However, by being careful, one can attain a successful pregnancy.

Here are some things you might want to keep in mind if you are planning a pregnancy after the age of forty.

Visit a Gynaecologist

The first and foremost step is to visit a gynaecologist who would guide you through the pregnancy. Your doctor would discuss the chances and complications of your pregnancy. If needed, he or she might ask you to go for IVF, surrogacy, or fertility treatments.

Monitor Your Health

It is very essential to monitor your health before conception. Pregnancy comes with a lot of complications and after a certain age, these complications increase. Thereby, you should keep a track of any pre-existing health issue so that it doesn’t create a problem during pregnancy and childbirth.

Lifestyle Changes

Switch to a healthier diet. Processed foods and junk can make you and your baby obese. Obesity in mother can lead to a lot of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Similarly, an obese baby can face a lot of health ailments in infancy and childhood; for example, heart diseases. Thereby, add a lot of fruits, proteins, and cereals to your meal. Try to avoid a lot of alcohol and cigarettes. Liquor and nicotine can be harmful for the baby.

Stay Fit

Exercise regularly and maintain an ideal weight. Being obese and overweight can create a lot of problems, as discussed before. If exercise exhausts, make it a habit to take walks. Not only does walking keep you fit but also it reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and eclampsia.

Be Patient & Prepared

Conceiving after the age of forty can take more time than other pregnancies. Thereby, be patient. Similarly, the risks of abnormalities and miscarriages are more after forty. So, be prepared for what might come.

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