Pregnancy Over 50

July 3, 2018

With an increase in age, a woman’s fertility considerably decreases. By the age of thirty-five, approximately a thousand of her eggs are exhausted because of her menstrual cycle. By forty, she has only ten percent of her ovum left and the chances of complications and abnormalities are high; however, with close monitoring and care, a successful pregnancy can be attained. But, after the age of 50, a natural conception is nearly impossible, the reason behind which, is menopause. Most of the pregnancies after the age of forty are attained with the help of IVF and other technologies of assisted reproduction. Science and technology are advancing in leaps and bounds. With the right kind of medical monitoring and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, pregnancy after 50 is attainable.

So, here are some things that you need to know about pregnancy after fifty:

Planning a Pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy after 50 is very critical since it is the age when the woman hits menopause. Visit your doctor and discuss all the complications and chances. A natural conception is rare but not impossible. However, there are maximum chances that you would be asked to go for assisted reproduction technologies. Some common assisted reproduction technologies include IVF, surrogacy, egg donation, etc. It is very essential to have a good talk with your doctor regarding it.

For women who have already hit their menopause, egg donation is a good resort. With the help of oocyte donation and a boost of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, one might be able to conceive after 50.

Health Risks

Pregnancy in itself, is characterised by a lot of health risks. However, with the advancement of age, these risks increase exponentially. Some of the common health risks associated with pregnancy are:

1. Hypertension

2. Gestational Diabetes

3. Eclampsia

4. Preeclampsia

5. Miscarriage

6. Underdeveloped babies

7. Premature delivery

One should be extremely careful and cautious while planning a pregnancy after 50. Apart from complications for the mother, the baby is also at a risk. Other than the health issues, the risks of miscarriages also increase after 50.

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