July 24, 2018

Some women who opt for birth control may want to stop using it at some point in their lives when they decide that they wish to get pregnant. This is not always easy, though, as sometimes the body rhythm takes time to get back to its natural state, and therefore it takes a while after discontinuing birth control for some women to be able to get pregnant. Certain helpful tips can aid in determining the ideal time for getting pregnant after stopping birth control.


Know The Right Time to Start Trying

Birth control pills mainly stop the ovulation process from happening, and the last week of pills are usually placebo, intended only to maintain a rhythm, and this is when the period occurs. The next ovulation will only happen around 14 days after this week, so that should be the optimum time to start trying to conceive.


Wait Until One Cycle Passes

For most women, doctors would recommend waiting for one full month to pass, so they can assess the pattern of the naturally occurring cycle, and also allow the body to get its natural rhythm back, making the conception process easier.


Wait Longer if There is a History of Miscarriage

Risks of miscarriages are more pronounced when birth control is discontinued, so women who have a previous history with the same are recommended to wait longer than others, for around three cycles before they commence trying to get pregnant.


Take Some Extra Measures

While constant sexual intercourse seems like the most obvious method to conceive at the earliest, certain steps can help you narrow down a period of ovulation, such as ovulation-prediction kits (OPK’s), regularly checking cervical mucus for signs of ovulation, and using basal body temperature thermometer to create temperature charts.


In case your period does not return or continues to be irregular, it may be a sign that your ovulation cycle has not regulated itself yet, which is called amenorrhea, and it may be time to consult your gynaecologist for advice on what your best plan of action would be, since they would know best about your health history and can give the most useful advice.

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