Trying to Conceive and Chickenpox

July 28, 2018

Pregnancy is known to be one of the most challenging stages in a woman’s life. One has to go through many changes during pregnancy. There are also a number of things that one must keep in mind while trying to conceive. There are many infections that one can contact while trying to conceive. One of them is chicken pox.



Also called as varicella, chickenpox is a viral infection, which is quite common. Chickenpox is characterised by itchiness and rashes on the skin. Gradually, small red bumps appear on the skin, accompanied by a high fever. Usually, if a person has contracted chickenpox, he or she is likely to be immune and barely contracts it again.


If a mother has already suffered from chickenpox, it is less likely that she will contract it again. However, if she hasn’t, there are high chances that she might.


Here are a few things about chickenpox that a woman must keep in mind while trying to conceive:

If she hasn’t ever contracted chickenpox, she should see her doctor and take a vaccination in order to get immune against the infection.

If a woman has already suffered, there are chances that she will be immune to it. However, to be doubly sure, she can take a vaccination against it.

If a woman has already taken a vaccination, she might want to ask the doctor if there’s a booster for it.

Chickenpox is less harmful to the baby but it can pose a life threat to the mother.



Pregnant women are at higher risk in comparison to their babies. Here are some of the probable threats to women if they contract chickenpox during pregnancy:

It can be fatal for the mothers.

She might suffer from pneumonia.



Although the effects are relatively less, the babies’ health too is at a risk. Here are some of the probable threats on unborn babies if their mothers have contracted chickenpox during pregnancy:

Infection of the placenta.

Chances of having birth defects like scars, slow development, eye problems, etc.

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