Athletic training and male and female infertility

September 6, 2018

Athletic training and male and female infertility

Being a fitness freak or rigorously involved in athletic training makes you physically fit and active. Toned muscles and chiseled abs are a dream for many gymmers and athletes. However, the daunting and challenging lifestyle may negatively affect your fertility. Both men and women athletes experience changes in their hormonal levels and sexual activity when they follow a strict physical regime that often takes a toll on the body.  A study conducted by the Norwegian university of science revealed that physical exercise can negatively impact female fertility and men too can be impacted unfavorably from rigorous training and anabolic steroids. These affect the semen and hormonal parameters in men. Those couples or individuals keen on starting a family need to reschedule their working regimes and fitness routines to achieve impregnation.

Female infertility due to athletic training

  • A healthy fat tissue and muscle tissue balance is required to ensure healthy reproductive system in general. Fat is important for producing oestrogen in the body. Athletic training requires minimal fat, further leading to poor bone and overall health.
  • Extreme physical activities lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle or delay in puberty.
  • Intake of steroids hamper the sexual and reproductive health as well.
  • Any head injury may adversely affect the secretion of reproductive hormones.
  • Balanced diet and physical training under the guidance of experts and doctors can help in keeping the wrath of infertility under control

Male Infertility and athletic training

  • Direct injury to testicles and lower back area can affect a male athlete’s reproductive health in several ways.
  • It can lead to difficulty in ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other issues related to sperm health.
  • Anabolic steroids function as testosterone supplements. They trick the testicles into thinking that sufficient amount of the hormone is available making them work less and shrink in size. This damage can be irreversible.
  • Increased sustained temperatures in the testicles due to prolonged exercise can also lead to male infertility issues.
  • Training under guidance and regular fertility and sperm count checks can help in maintaining the health of one’s reproductive system.

The above issues discussed clearly depict the direct relationship between exercise and health and how with little awareness and guidance they can be avoided.

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