Books to deal with infertility

September 6, 2018

Books to deal with infertility

Infertility can be one of the harshest hardships you might have to face through life. Most couples imagine and dream of the day when they’ll be ready to be parents and when that time comes, it’s heartbreaking to find out that the couple cannot conceive due to infertility.

Infertility and various treatments for infertility can take severe tolls on not only the physical but mental health and well being of couples, causing several disorders like depression, anxiety and frustration problems that affect the relationship of the couple. Thankfully, there are various sources of help, including counseling that helps couples during this difficult trying time.

We’ve also listed below several books that explore the front lines of infertility :-

1) Unsung Lullabies

In this book, three physicians help patients through the physiological hardships that couples face due to infertility. Grieving properly and communicating with one another are important during the traumatic times of not being able to conceive, and they are talked about in this book generously.

2) Empty Womb, Aching Heart

For those who are battling infertility right now, this book can provide solace to their hearts as it talks about various personal journeys of people with infertility.

3) How to make love to a plastic cup

As you might have already guessed from the title, this book is written for men dealing with infertility. This book makes funny remarks and talks about serious concerns and struggles during infertility treatments and trying alternatives, in a way that’ll make you laugh, but at the same time is sensitive enough to not trivialize the issues.

4) Inconceivable

Julia Indichova shares her experience with infertility that she dealt with for certain period of time, with the readers through this book.

5) The Infertility Journey

This book is very approachable as well as informative in nature. It consists of personal experiences and medical advices, and also tells the reality of people who live with infertility. This book gives you ideas about IVF, genetic screening, endometriosis, and a whole lot of treatments regarding infertility counseling . If you want to know almost everything related to infertility, you should definitely consider reading this book.

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