Can diseases cause permanent infertility

September 6, 2018

Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive or to carry the baby full term. And it is definitely not a tabooed issue now. With the increase in the number of couples opting for getting treated for their infertility issues, it is quite obvious that it came out in the open to be discussed openly. One knows that there are several causes of male and female infertility. From hormonal imbalance, damage in organs to certain number diseases, infertility is supposedly taken to be temporary. And why not? With treatments including surgeries, IVF procedures etc. it is now giving the infertile couples the joy of parenthood.

However, many people still wonder if these treatments can wholesome and can reduce infertility in all conditions. To put it in simple terms, they are wondering if there are certain conditions that cause permanent infertility.


One may think that with all the medical advances we have come through, we have all the facilities to do away with infertility. We have advanced medically, but that does not mean that all infertility can be treated.

There are cases of permanent infertility which does not allow conceiving.

How male and female infertility happens?

The permanence of infertility depends on the individual. Most of the cases (about 70%) of infertility can be treated using various surgical procedures.

Yet, in very rare cases, some chromosomal disorder, genetic disorder, or any inoperable and untreatable scarring due to any surgery can cause permanent infertility.


Till now, diseases have been observed to have caused temporary infertility. These diseases are treated with medicines and sometimes surgery is performed.

The surgery can leave a scar which may have caused permanent infertility. But no disease except cancer is yet found to have caused it.


If there is one disease that can cause permanent infertility, it is cancer. Usually, cancer treatments include chemotherapy or surgical removal of the affected organ.

In both the cases, one can suffer from permanent infertility after the complete treatment. If the organ that produces the sperm or the egg is removed then it is obvious that you will suffer from permanent infertility.






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