Can we use medication before opting IVF procedure?

March 14, 2018

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is an artificial procedure for conceiving, for couples who fail to conceive naturally. Basically, in this technique, the sperm and the egg are infused under a controlled environment in the laboratory. While the process seems lucrative, there are certain aspects which are associated with it. Sometimes, IVF is not a fruitful option and doctors might ask you to avoid it, if possible. The process is found to be quite costly, thus it cannot be afforded by people of all classes . Though doctors are actually putting in efforts to make the process of IVF an affordable one, this remains quite far fetched from the real scenario and the crisis which is only deepening over a period of time. Before going for the IVF procedure, you would often see doctors giving dosages of medicine to the couple. These medicines actually play a big role in stimulating a response from the eggs or the sperm cells.

Let us have a brief look into some points that are to be remembered before we use IVF as a procedure or a means to produce babies under a controlled or simulated environment.

Getting a measure of the fertility

There are various measures which allow us to understand and identify where the fertility level stands which allows the doctors to take the prerequisite steps and understand the gravity and need of the hour. There are a number of tests which help us identify the number of eggs and the sperm count which informs the doctor about the feasibility of IVF.

Taking into account the age of the individual

Age serves as a determining factor in pregnancy, which serves as a predetermining factor to test the feasibility of IVF. The success rate is found to decrease with age but with the use of medication, the rate of response from the eggs and the sperm cell can increase. For the couples who might have actually lost their ability to reproduce anymore, this is hope.

Being patient enough

It is important to be patient enough and understand the intricacies that are associated with the process. Medication has been a part of the IVF process and prior to it, for a very long time now. It still remains a concern whether these medications have actually had an impact or not. Doctors would ask you to be patient enough before taking any hasty decisions in a sense of despair or in disdain. There is a need that we need to understand and be patient enough to have a look across the opposite sides.

The process might really leave a deep impact on the packets or might even be the cause of despair which leaves many of the couples estranged. There is a sense of responsibility which comes in before the IVF process begins. We have medications and other procedures at our disposal which might actually help the couple in general.

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