Causes of men infertility

September 10, 2018

Causes of men infertility

Many couples face issues with infertility when trying to conceive. Infertility can be seen both in males and females these days. In male infertility, it is the inability in males to help a woman conceive a baby due to several reasons or causes linked to their sperm production.

The male infertility is not followed by any defined symptoms or signs to recognize the issues or the problem. However, several conditions like dilated veins around the testicles, imbalance of the hormones or any sort of disease may cause the blockage of sperms that might indicate or stand a symptom for infertility. Apart from that, here are the signs that could indicate men to get themselves checked by a doctor; lower sperm count, hormonal abnormalities, sexual problems, inability to smell, abnormal breast growth and more.

Male infertility is caused due to several reasons, however, some of the reasons have been listed down below:

Ejaculation Problem: The ejaculation issues are often associated with the inability of the men to ejaculate. In this problem, the sperm finds its way to the bladder instead of ejaculating it from the penis. This condition is known as Retrograde Ejaculation. The problem is caused due to spinal injuries, medications, diabetes, or any recent surgery of bladder or urethra.

Hormones Imbalance: The abnormal behaviour of the testicles can also potentially cause a male to affect the ability of a woman to conceive. The hormonal imbalance can also impact the pituitary gland, thyroid and adrenal glands.

Blockage of tubes carrying sperm: Male infertility can also be caused due to the blockage of tubes carrying the sperm due to several unknown reasons. But some of the known reasons that causes such problems include infections, injury due to surgery, cystic fibrosis etc.

Erectile Dysfunction: The most common problem these days, the males are facing is of the erectile dysfunction which makes the infertility problem to crop up effectively. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get an erection.

Varicocele: Varicocele is the swelling of the veins that causes the sperm to drain out of penis. The exact reason for the veins to swell is still unknown to the medical science.

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