Celebrities on dealing with infertility

September 11, 2018

Someone’s work or success may adorn him/her with the status of a celebrity but sometime life may have some other plans for them. Just like all of the non-celeb readers who may encounter the pain of being unable to give birth to their own child, the celebrities can also go through the same trauma. It is not someone’s work but the strength and willingness to battle life’s adversities that marks a real celebrity. For such inspiration, here’s a list of some of our favorite celebrities who went the unconventional way to celebrate parenthood with genuine bliss. There are people who get knocked down by such situations but let’s pledge to be on the side that fights and wins and wins well.

  1. Farah Khan – Shirish Kunder
    A distinguished choreographer and director, Farah Khan tied the knot in her forties which is usually the time when conception for a woman becomes close to impossible. Not weighed down under the guilt of late marriage or stigma attached to a woman not being able to give birth, she opted for IVF and gave birth to triplets.
  1. Shahrukh – Gauri
    Neither the paparazzi fail to miss any opportunity to capture the handsome little, AbRam nor do us gush over his cuteness. AbRam was also born through IVF surrogacy.
  1. Krushna – Kashmeera
    After numerous failed attempts of conceiving the right way, Krushna and Kashmeera went that extra mile to have a child the unconventional way. Guess what? They were blessed with twins.
  1. Aamir – Kiran Rao
    While the days for the couple were gloomy after Kiran’s miscarriage, IVF brought back the happiness in the family.
  1. Sunny Leonne – Daniel
    Sometimes defamed and sometimes respected, Sunny Leonne is an epitome of hard work, perseverance and tolerance. Amidst all the ill talks, Sunny and Daniel welcomed twins though surrogacy.

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  1. Tusshar Kapoor
    Going that extra mile leaving behind the stigma attached to childbirth and rearing in the name of culture and tradition, he is one of the first few to have let it all go. Tusshar’s family welcomed a boy with immense joy and happiness.
  1. Karan Johar
    Another name with Tusshar Kapoor, Karan Johar who is always the talk of the town for nepotism is a proud single parent to twins – Yash and Roohi.

When we can celebrate their success and be inspired to live a life as luxurious as theirs, why not celebrate and accept happiness in the times of adversity as happily and sensibly as them.

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