Common Signs of male infertility

September 13, 2018

Common Signs of male infertility

Having one’s own child is a dream that progressively turns into a desire over time and is felt by everyone at some time in life. However, not being able to do so not just results in psychological stress and pressure but also makes one feel inferior. Owing to the technological advancements, one can easily bid good-bye to this stress but it is imperative to understand infertility and its signs before taking any related decision.

There are various forms in which male infertility happen

It may be due to low number of sperms or even the complete absence of them. In most cases, infertility is asymptomatic and is discovered only during a couple’s attempt to expand their family. Usually, a male doesn’t encounter any problems in ejaculation or erection and the semen looks just fine. It is; hence, important to undergo tests to affirm infertility. However, in some cases men may show symptoms as vague as small sized testicles, pain and swelling in the testicles, changes in hair growth and sexual desire. The presence of these may or may not be associated with infertility.

Some causes of infertility, which can unknowingly show deviation; hence indicating male infertility, are:

  1. Difficulty in producing sperm
  2. Blockage of sperm transport
  3. Problems resulting in ejaculation and erection
  4. Lack of Follicle Stimulating Hormone/ Luteinizing Hormone
  5. Vasectomy or some latent injury

A sky-rocketing increase in the number of family planning clinics, programmes, fertility and donation centers makes it evident that awareness has not just brought about a change in the perception of people regarding childbirth and gender issues but also has brought about a revolutionary change in the acceptance of such defects in both males and females. However, being a part of a culturally diverse country, there is still a lot of scope for this advancement and acceptance to spread and eradicate the related stigma. It is recommended that one should be careful while planning to take external help and visit only registered fertility clinic.

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