Conditions diagnosed with the help of SSG

July 25, 2018

With the level of technical advancement, we have all the equipment and methods required for each and everything. This has been a miracle specifically in the field of medicine. It helps in the proper understanding of the problem and its treatment.

One such method is SOLOSALPINOGOGRAPHY or SSG which is one of the most popular procedure prescribed in infertility tests. Also known as Sion test, this test involves saline to be injected in the uterus. This saline enlarges every part of the organ to give a clear image of the condition.

This procedure is generally used to test the patency of the fallopian tubes. However, it can be used to check further conditions as well.


This term refers to a condition wherein the fallopian tube is checked for any damage or blockage.  This becomes essential as any damage or blockage can be the reason of infertility among the females.


Submucous fibroid polyp refers to a fibroid the projects outside of the uterus. SSG can be used to detect such fibroids. As every part of the organ enlarges due to the saline solution, it becomes easier to look out for the fibroid.


These are lesions found inside of the uterus. SSG can be used to identify if there is any lesion forming inside of your uterus.


While looking out for any causes of infertility, your doctor might suggest you to go through with this test. The reason for this suggestion is to check if there is any problem in your uterus that is becoming a hurdle in conceiving.

Further, it can also be used to reason your pregnancy losses.


There are certain cases when a young woman at the peak of her reproductive phase faces a loss of her menstrual cycle. SSG as a method is used to check for this condition especially in Asher man’s syndrome or if you have any scar inside of your uterus wall.

As a simple procedure which requires 10-15 minutes to conduct, this procedure became highly popular due to it having no side-effects. The procedure does not use any radiation or invasive methods but can be quite uncomfortable to go through.

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