March 15, 2018

For those who have struggled to conceive naturally, a failed IVF cycle can be a rather disheartening blow. It is not just about getting pregnant and experiencing the joy of parenthood but also about feeling empowered that ones body is equipped to generate life.

Given this background, it is difficult not to blame oneself and experience hopelessness on a failed IVF cycle. However, it is not a healthy mind frame and it is important to understand that there are many factors at play when IVF comes into the picture. Doctors at Apollo Fertility Clinic understand this and ensure that the want-to-be parents are well taken care of and guided through this failure.

1. Do not blame yourself

A failed IVF cycle is not the patients fault. As mentioned, there are a lot of factors at play and ultimately, it is a biological process in which IVF just enters at the last stage via an embryo transfer. While the clinic and the patients would have done everything possible to select the healthiest of embryos, it is beyond anyones control whether that implanted embryo will result in a successful pregnancy.

2. Heal yourself

It is important for the patient to focus on themselves and heal both medically and emotionally. While the doctors at Apollo will guide and assist in the medical recovery, the emotional recovery is equally important. If required, talk to loved ones, talk to a therapist and ensure that you do not hold back.

3. Nature at work

Nature has a way of ensuring that the body recognizes unviable pregnancies and may, therefore, prevent a pregnancy from happening or a miscarriage to occur. For a healthy embryo to form a healthy baby, a lot of DNA patterns have to match and align. In case they dont, nature may intervene for the best.

4. Follow up visit

The follow-up visit at Apollo is usually to check on the patient and try and understand what it is that did not work in the IVF treatment. This is a crucial visit and must be scheduled as soon as the doctor suggests it. At Apollo, the doctor then helps the patient with a revised plan of action based on their needs and capabilities of their body.

5. Make a plan

A failed IVF cycle should push the patients to work more diligently on their plan of action. Talk about it and do not wait for the dust to settle. Also, have a conversation about what to do if it fails.

6. Support Groups

With the penetration of the internet, it is not difficult to find support groups online and offline of people who have been through similar experiences. A good idea maybe to connect with such people and share with them what you went through and let them share what they feel insecure about. It is definite that you are not alone in this journey and experience.

7. Options

It is possible to meet with an IVF treatment specialist to have a sounding board and discuss options that one might explore including egg donation, embryo donation and other assisted reproductive therapies.

Coping with a loss this big and significant is not an easy task. No-one can define that journey better than the one going through it. The help and support needed would be readily provided, especially within the Apollo fertility clinic framework.

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