Counseling and infertility of women

September 17, 2018

Counseling and infertility of women

Infertility counseling has over the years gained a lot of momentum. It’s delivered by mental health and medical professionals to women or men or couples together. There are present psychologists, social workers, marriage therapists and medical doctors to help with the process of counseling. They face a lot of trouble during the counseling as the situations are often dire. Over the years, the role of medical health professionals has changed. Earlier they lent a kind support to couples suffering from infertility. But now their guidance and support is sought after during the time gap of tests and results, preparing men to give their semen for analysis, etc. The medical staff decides the kind of medical counseling is required for the couple, depending on their situation.

When it comes to depression and anxiety, studies have shown women suffering from female infertility are greater victims of such conditions as compared to men who are suffering from infertility. The stress that takes place due to infertility has more of a telling effect on women than on men. When it comes to seeking psychological help, women are more likely to adopt one. One major problem with women patients is their conscious effort to not accept the reality as it is. They are mainly into denial or avoidance. This makes it even more difficult to treat them and cure them of their duress. Because of their femininity, women patients tend to connect more with medical professional and others around them. Very often women tend to depend on their life partners for emotional support in hard times like these. However, if they fail to get the support, the emotional pain increases and they feel their emotions are not getting the due validation.

Inability to conceive causes a strain in the sexual life of women patients. The desire of having sex reduces considerably. The satisfaction they derive during the act also lessens. They begin to suffer from under confidence due to inability to conceive a baby. A counselor helps the women patient in lessening this sexual divide with their partners. Also, once it’s established that she cannot conceive via normal measures, a counselor helps in providing with alternate ways of having a baby. Their help makes the process less daunting.

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