Counselling and male infertility

September 14, 2018

When it comes to male patients suffering from infertility, the kind of counselling that’s meted out and is optimum is very different to what’s generally devised for women patients. Over the years, the medical community has felt that the effects of infertility on the minds of those suffering from it are grave and very often the sufferers fail to deal with them. They need outside guidance, support and care to help cope with the situation. Male Infertility is cause due to injury, obstruction or environmental factors go through intense psychological and emotional stress.

Very often they begin to feel insecure about their masculinity due to the failure of helping their partners in conceiving a baby. This often has a traumatic effect on their personality and life. With right counselling the can overcome this void and help gain the self-confidence they are lacking. Infertility counselling also has marriage therapist will help the patients overcome the strain that develops in their marriage due to this medical condition.

With reference to the counselling, men tend to accept the problem and aim towards a solution. This is in stark difference to women patients who try to avoid the problem. Accepting the issue helps the counsellors in approaching the patients better and advising methods of overcoming. The counselling can be provided individually, with life partners or in groups, depending on the requirement of the situation.

The counsellors also provide information on the future prospects of getting pregnant and having a baby. Male patients are made face to face with their options like adoption, insemination using a different donor, etc. The counsellor also helps in taking the right step. Very often men tend to feel less of emotional stress than the women and after some time end the counselling. But termination of counselling may not end all problems. Very often infertility affects the sex life of male patients. They feel less satisfied after intercourse. They also feel inferior. They are often ridden with social anxiety. They also have trouble controlling ejaculation.

Counsellors can help a couple in communicating their distress to one another in better ways. They can also help in making them aware of their future options and how to go about them. Plus the care, the support and understanding help them all in having a better relationship with themselves and their life partners.

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