Depression and Female Infertility

September 18, 2018

Being unable to conceive is a huge physical setback for a woman. Along with this, it also has a negative impact on their emotional state. Depression and other emotional and mental disorders are seen increasingly among infertile women. With proper care and help, this can be overcome.

What emotions do women faced with infertility go through?

  • Constant thought about infertility: it is natural to want to think about it quite often, but when your life revolves only around it even when the mother is not on any fertility cycle, and these thoughts consume every aspect of their life, it is a cause for worrying.
  • Guilt: it is very common to see the mother wonder what went wrong and how she could have prevented the stillbirth. The truth is, there is no particular pinpoint cause, and the woman cannot be blamed for the biological misfortune. This constant blaming will not only have a negative impact on the woman’s mental health but also wreak havoc to her fertility cycle.
  • Worthlessness or feeling ashamed: the woman needs to understand that pregnancy and ability to conceive does not define the worth of her life. It is not her fault nor is it her doing. This understanding is of utmost importance for moving ahead with her life
  • Loneliness: once these feelings set in, the women begin to avoid social situations. Also, they do not want to face the reactions of the others in their vicinity. This avoidance and alienation further isolates and puts the female infertility on their mind.
  • Nervousness and anxiety: she might feel more nervous thinking about her treatment or may fear failure of the treatment again. This fear again takes a toll on their mental health.
  • Frustration and anger: this cycle also puts them in constant frustration and anger. One may experience panic attacks also.

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The family of the involved woman must be gentle and understanding to the situation. They must recognize the early signs of depression and help the woman to overcome this phase of life. This would have a negative impact on their reproductive and hormonal health also. They should not try to conceive at this sensitive period either. It is advisable for providing professional help at this stage.

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