How does my age affect this infertility treatment?

April 1, 2018

When women are born, they carry all the eggs they will ever have. So as they age, their eggs also age. Ageing makes the eggs diminish in quality and quantity. Hence age plays a major role in determining the level of your fertility. Age is something which is not under our control. So planning a baby earlier is your only option to conceive naturally. Not only women, but a man’s age also matters in terms of pregnancy, health of the child and even chances of miscarriages.

With age, a woman’s risks of miscarriages, lower chances of pregnancy and complications during birth also increase. A woman’s chance of getting pregnant at 30 years is 20 percent each month whereas at 40 years it’s just 5 percent. The fertility decline speeds up after 35 and by 40 it has fallen to half of the original.

The reasons to bear child in later years can be many. Like focus on career, becoming financially secure, delay due to social factors even waiting for the “Call of motherhood”. Whatever reasons you may have but when your biological clock is ticking, you might not want to take a chance with that.

Not all patients suffer infertility due to age. There are some who are infertile because of some endometrium scars, damaged or blocked fallopian tube, irregular ovulation etc. For patients like these, options for treatment of infertility also start to diminish as they start ageing. Where on one hand treatment can be given by using only fertility drugs for women under 35 years, for women in their 40s fertility drugs may be given along with other invasive fertility treatments.

Another factor that gets affected in fertility treatment due to your age is the results seen per cycle. For women under 35 years of age, treatments like IUI and IVF generally gives results in around 3 cycles whereas women above 40 years of age may see results in around 6 or more cycles.

Looking at all the above mentioned factors, you can determine what role the age of the parents play in conceiving a child.

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